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So, you want to buy an Ergobaby because they offer the option of a forward-facing carrying position and you’d like to know more about the options of each model? Or maybe you’ve already bought one and you want to find out more about the forward-facing instructions?


Well you've come to the right place! All the information you need about using the forward facing carrying position with the Ergobaby carriers is right here!


Baby carriers are fantastic in general, but if you're looking for options from Ergobaby that have a forward facing option, then the best ones to look at are:


  1. Ergobaby Embrace
  2. Ergobaby All Position 360
  3. Ergobaby Omni


Ergobaby suggest to use the forward-facing mode once baby is developmentally ready. Now of course, every baby develops differently, but you can start wearing your baby facing out once your baby demonstrates all the following:


  • strong head and neck control
  • starts showing interest in the world around them
  • chin is above the carrier panel.


This is usually around 5-6 months. You'll need to make sure to widen the seat to the widest setting (the blue velcro setting) when baby is facing out; you can do this by adjusting the grey buttons.


There are several important things to remember though when carrying baby in a front facing position.


  1. If baby gets sleepy or shows signs of overstimulation, turn baby around to face you. Baby should be removed completely from the carrier for repositioning. Ergobaby instructions recommend the facing out position to be used for shorter durations of carrying only, around 20 minutes maximum. Ergobaby recommend starting with short durations (5-10 minutes) to prevent over-stimulation. If baby shows signs of over-stimulation (zoned out, catatonic, fussy, tired) or sleepiness, just turn them back around to front-inward, so they can find comfort in their wearer and rest.
  2. It is NEVER safe for baby to sleep whilst being carried facing outwards.
  3. Even if your baby seems strong, with good head and neck control for their age, it is still NOT advised to use the forward-facing position. Remember, baby’s airway can become compromised if they do not have the strength to hold up their head steadily for a longer period of time. In this instance, continue to face inwards until baby reaches the age and has the strength, head and neck control to allow for forward-facing.


So, the Ergobaby baby carriers are all ergonomic, and the Embrace, All Position 360 and Omni models offer an ergonomic, front outward facing position. How do they work in the forward facing mode?


Ergobaby Embrace


Ergobaby recommend to forward-face only when your baby is over 26 in/66 cm; display good head and neck control; chin clears the back panel when in good positioning.


Ergobaby All Positions 360


The Ergobaby 360 works really for forward facing on the go! You can alternate between inwards-facing and outwards-facing with the carrier on. Make sure to support your baby securely as you switch between the black/grey buttons on the bucket seat.


Ergobaby recommend front-facing from 5 - 12 months and from 14-22 lbs / 6-10 kg.


We recommend to always continue to face inwards until baby reaches the age and has the strength, head and neck control to allow for forward-facing.


Ergobaby Omni


The Ergobaby Omni is the best option to go for if you want a carrier that’s suitable from newborn with no infant insert required. It’s suitable from newborn approximately 0-48m and 3.2 – 20.4 kg. It offers 4 position carrying.


Ergobaby recommend the following: for Front Carry Outward Facing - baby should have strong head and neck control and is taller than 25 in/63.5 cm (around 5-6 months). Baby’s chin must always clear the top of the panel. For comfortable babywearing for parent in the Facing Out position we recommend a minimum weight of 14 lbs / 6.4 kg and maximum weight of 30 lbs / 13.6 kg.


If you’re thinking of purchasing an Ergobaby Carrier for forward facing but would like to know more, or you’ve already bought one and want to know how to use it best, then book a consultation with us and we’ll be more than happy to help! There are other brands of baby carrier that have the option for forward facing, such as the the range of carriers from Babybjorn,in particular the BabyBjörn Mini Carrier.