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Grimm's Toys

  1. 7 Essential Elements of Toys for Early Childhood Development

    7 Essential Elements of Toys for Early Childhood Development

    Doctors and educators have stressed how important early childhood development is for children. For new parents, the challenge comes in the form of selecting toys that promote development while also allowing the child to have fun in the process.


    If you're on the hunt for new toys or are looking for gifts for new parents, you're going to find the answers you need in this guide. Below we're going to detail the elements that the best baby toys to teach early skills to children are.


    1. Problem Solving Toys


    Children are curious about the things around them, especially their

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  2. Why You Should Buy Wooden Toys For Your Toddler

    Why you should buy wooden toys for your toddler.


    Choosing toys for your kids can be a challenge. It can be a difficult task given the numerous options available, each with its pros and cons.


    A lot of childrens toys include plastic and electronic parts - not ideal for babies and toddlers, and not good for the planet, either.


    An attractive alternative would be to go for wooden toys - a great option if you wish for children to stay away from anything plastic. With a simple and reduced design, combined with beautiful colouring and a naturally textured surface, wooden toys are suited to children of all ages, and are played with over and over again.


    Today, we will explore the benefits of wooden toys and how children can be encouraged into deep play through the simple design and

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  3. Grimm's Toys Review

    Grimm's Toys Review


    Well, Halloween has passed, so there's no denying (however much I might want to) that it's THAT time of year again. Ok, so it's been THAT time of year again since late August, when we all went shopping and BAM! the aisles were lined with mince pies and choccy boxes *le sigh*.

    Let's talk about toys. As a child, the word can fill you with a quiverful joy that leaps in your heart. As a parent, it can leave you with a fearful, jelly-like feeling in the pit of your stomach.

    As parents ourselves, we don't consider Grimm's Toys as toys. They're gifts - a gift to the eye in the bold colours; a gift in the hand, so tactile and soothing; and a gift to the imagination.

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