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  1. Which Is The Best Toddler Carrier?


    Our Expert Picks of the Best Toddler Carriers and Preschool Carriers



    There are many different toddler carriers, so how do you know which one to choose? It's a tough decision for sure, but luckily we've got you covered with our in-depth guide.

    What is a Toddler Carrier?


    Toddler carriers are carriers that are specifically designed to carry older babies, toddlers and preschoolers. They are bigger versions of baby carriers, that often have reinforced stitching and extra padding.


    Toddler carrying is very much the same as carrying a younger baby (it's just doing it with a bigger, heavier baby). You know that you carry your toddler every day

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  2. Nahui Coconi Handwoven Wraps & Ring Slings Review


    Nahui Coconi is the collective dream of 4 women, babywearing consultants and mothers. Their dream was to create beautiful handwoven woven wraps and spread their love for babywearing.


    We are honoured to bring this woman-led, female-centred brand to Europe.


    The wraps are not just handwoven. They are a product of ancestry, of skills kept alive, creative, innovative and artisanal.



    Woven by skilled artisans in Oaxaca, the wraps proudly reflect Mexican culture, tradition and the world around us.


    In order to create these traditional weaves, a special loom was manufactured, mounted at a double-width, for which a total of 2100 threads make up the

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  3. Babywearing After a Caesarean Birth (C-Section)


    Can You Carry Your Baby In a Sling (Babywear) After Having a C-Section?


    The simple answer is yes! It just depends on a few things though.


    Whether or not you can use a sling after a c-section depends on:


    • it depends on you,
    • how you are feeling,
    • if there were any complications, and
    • how your wound feels.


    You may not feel up to it for a while (days, weeks - there’s no ‘right’ answer), and that’s absolutely fine, of course; you’re in recovery after all.


    When you feel ready, that’s when to start. Be gentle on yourself and always listen to your body.


    Carrying with a sling may be easier for you too overall, especially if you are bedbound for a while, or i

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  4. Wombat Numbat Go Babywearing Coat Review


    I think it was Billy Connelly who said something along the lines of "there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes."


    Well in terms of our sort of summer (think sun, then rain, then wind, a wee bit sun, then rain again), the Numbat-Go is definitely the ‘right clothes’.


    The Numbat-Go is a fan-bloomin-tastic coat. I mean, it really is. It does all of this:


    • it’s a maternity raincoat - your bump and you will stay dry;
    • it’s a babywearing raincoat - carry your little one on your front or back;
    • it’s a regular raincoat that you can wear without being pregnant or babywearing - a raincoat with stamina that will be your go-to outdoor coat for many years to come.


    And it does it like thi

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  5. How To Use A Ring Sling


    Here at LTBN HQ we really love ring slings, and we know that lots and lots of you do too. They're easy to use, great for newborn snuggles as well and those quick up-and-downs with toddlers, and they fold up nice and small to fit easily in a bag.

    Some people can be a bit put off by ring slings, thinking that they are difficult to use or not as supportive as other types of baby carrier given that baby's weight rests on one hip. But ring slings are fantastic, and once you get the hang of them they are one of the easiest types of slings to use.



    Ring slings offer a single layer

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  6. Babywearing In Summer & Warm Weather - 8 Top Tips For Staying Safe & Cool


    Babywearing In Summer & Warm Weather - 8 Top Tips For Staying Safe & Cool


    Expert tips and top-picks for staying cool-as-a-cucumber when babywearing in summer.


    So the weather is definitely warmer and summer weather is here (fingers crossed, right?!). In the heat, it's hard not to 'glow' (my French teacher once chastised me for using the term sweat - she would always say 'pigs sweat, men perspire & woman glow'). Glowing or not, I freely admit to being a sweaty bundle in this heat - and when carrying babies in slings, you get to carry another little sweaty bundle too!



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  7. 7 Essential Elements of Toys for Early Childhood Development

    7 Essential Elements of Toys for Early Childhood Development

    Doctors and educators have stressed how important early childhood development is for children. For new parents, the challenge comes in the form of selecting toys that promote development while also allowing the child to have fun in the process.


    If you're on the hunt for new toys or are looking for gifts for new parents, you're going to find the answers you need in this guide. Below we're going to detail the elements that the best baby toys to teach early skills to children are.


    1. Problem Solving Toys


    Children are curious about the things around them, especially their

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  8. A Guide To the Benefits and Creative Use of Grapat Toys

    A Guide To the Benefits and Creative Use of Grapat Toys

    Children have been playing without instructions and with simple wooden and ceramic toys for thousands of years. The oldest discovered toys date from around 2000 BC, but they have likely existed for much longer.


    For most people, the options for toys were limited. Now, with a dizzying array of items available to the average parent, the world of toys can be overwhelming. Brightly coloured plastic toys, toys that make noise, toys that include lights or other electronics - it can all be too much for parents, never mind for children.


    Faced with this choice, parents are beginning to rediscover the benefits of simple,

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  9. Love & Carry Hoodie Review

    Love & Carry Hoodie Biscay

    The Love & Carry Maternity & Babywearing Hoodie is here and oh my word, we love it!

    We've been on the lookout for a fantastic babywearing hoodie for a long time.

    At last, we've found one!

    It's the perfect babywearing hoodie for spring, summer and autumn.

    Even better than that, it's a gorgeous hoodie to wear without baby, when you have a bump and when you're babywearing.

    It's a superb maternity and babywearing hoodie with a separate, removable babуwearing insert that you can zip in when required.


    It comes in 3 different colours:

    • Biscay
    • Caramel
    • Rose

    You can see all the

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  10. 10 Best Baby Carriers for 2021

    10 Best Baby Carriers for 2021

    10 Best Baby Carriers for 2021

    Beth at Love To Be Natural

    POSTED BY BETH   |   Updated 12.04.21

    Baby carriers are wonderful for babies and allow you to not only bond together, but to get on with everyday tasks hands-free - think tidying up after a toddler,

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