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Tula Lite

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Tula Lite Baby Carrier


The idea of taking a few days off sounds good, doesn’t it? The family together. Take the dog, lose yourselves a bit. You’re allowed to! And this is the carrier to do it with - ultra-light, packable, foldable, made from a quick-drying ripstop fabric. The perfect no-bulk no-fuss carrier for travels with baby in tow.


What Is The Tula Lite Baby Carrier?


The Tula Lite Carrier is an ultra-lightweight baby carrier made from a light, quick-drying fabric that folds up into a pouch. The Tula Lite is all about efficiency - it only includes must-have features required in a comfortable, ergonomic baby carrier so it's there for the moments you need it most. It weighs only 455g and so is all you need for on-the-go babywearing!


If you're looking for a second baby carrier for your family or one that folds down easily to come with you on your on-the-go adventures, the Tula Lite packs away easily. The hip pouch provides extra convenience when you're travelling light with your baby - no-bulk, no-fuss efficiency!


Carrier packs neatly into attached waistband while leaving room in the front hip pouch for your baby essentials.


It's ready for your baby's on demand carrying stage. The streamlined comfort allows you to carry baby in front and back carries, facing in. Can be used from 12-30 lbs (5.4 - 13.6 kg).


Designed to be supportive without too much padding or adjustments needed to provide optimal ergonomic positioning.


The convenient and roomy hip pouch in the waistband holds many items even when the carrier is packed away.


The main body panel measures 38.1cm (16.5") tall and 31cm (12.2") wide at the seat. The hip belt measures 23" wide. Additional webbing extends waistband total of ~ 57” long. It's a super-lightweight carrier too - it only weighs 1lb 0.8oz (455g)!


Available in 3 beloved designs - Discover, Soar and Beyond.