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Babywearing Blog

  1. How To Adjust the Fabric of a Ring Sling

    Here we show you how to adjust the fabric of a ring sling that is sitting too high at your neck.

    This is a really quick and easy pro tip to maximise comfort and support.

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  2. Coracor Baby Wrap Instruction Video

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  3. How to Increase Neck Support in a Woven Wrap

    Here we show you how to use a cotton muslin (or similar) to help increase neck support for baby when using a woven wrap.

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  4. Ring Sling Back Flip Instruction Video

    Ring Sling Back Flip Instruction Video showing you how to adjust your ring sling with a back flip to increase comfort and support.

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  5. 10 Best Baby Carriers for 2021

    10 Best Baby Carriers for 2021

    10 Best Baby Carriers for 2021 - Updated

    Beth at Love To Be Natural

    POSTED BY BETH   |   Updated 12.04.21

    Baby carriers are wonderful for babies and allow you to not only bond together, but to get on with everyday tasks hands-free - think tidying up after

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  6. Löft Woven Wraps Review


    Wrapping is such a sensory experience. To the eye, it's a feast of colour, texture and design. To the hand, it's the soft feel of the fabric running though your fingers, exploring the texture, finding the hemmed edges. Feeling your technique as you learn to adjust the fabric, learn how it moves and how it acts.


    Handwoven wraps can offer a different, even more sensory experience - their feel, texture and weight in hand are different to wraps woven using modern weaving methods.


    Handwoven wraps are woven on traditional looms. It’s a time-intensive, complex yet deeply human process. With this, you can see the visible thread shifts, small knots and other irregularities. This is the beauty of a handwoven product and makes every piece unique. Handwoven wraps are like humans - unique & individual; thousands of intertwined t

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  7. The Benefits of Carrying Your Baby in a Sling


    Almost 75% of mothers with dependents are in full- or part-time work. If you want to work from home and take care of your children, you need a plan. Instead of moving your baby from room to room, from the car to your home, and everywhere in between, there's an easier way.


    Carrying your baby in a sling can help you multitask. You can clean, go grocery shopping, pay the bills, and even fit in a workout.


    If you're not quite sure about using a sling, keep reading to discover the many benefits of babywearing!


    The benefits extend to both you and your child. There are different ways you can wear a baby sling, too. For example, you can hip, back, or front carry.


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  8. When Should You Stop Carrying Your Baby in a Sling?

    When Should You Stop Carrying Your Baby in a Sling?


    Babies and parents alike need physical contact right after birth, and the need doesn't stop there. One of the most natural, affirming ways to deepen your relationship with your child is to carry them in a sling.


    Carrying your baby brings a plethora of benefits for you and your young child. But how do you know when the time has come to stop?


    Every child is different, which means that there's no age that every parent should stop carrying their baby. But as a parent, it helps to know what to look for and think about when you're making this decision.


    If you want to make an informed, child-centred decision about when to stop carrying,

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  9. Why You Should Buy Wooden Toys For Your Toddler

    Why you should buy wooden toys for your toddler.


    Choosing toys for your kids can be a challenge. It can be a difficult task given the numerous options available, each with its pros and cons.


    A lot of childrens toys include plastic and electronic parts - not ideal for babies and toddlers, and not good for the planet, either.


    An attractive alternative would be to go for wooden toys - a great option if you wish for children to stay away from anything plastic. With a simple and reduced design, combined with beautiful colouring and a naturally textured surface, wooden toys are suited to children of all ages, and are played with over and over again.


    Today, we will explore the benefits of wooden toys and how children can be encouraged into deep play through the simple design and

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  10. Are Baby Carriers Safe for Newborns?


    When it comes to your newborn — safety is always the number one priority.


    While many products proclaim to be perfect for newborns, the truth is that you need to do a bit of your own research prior to purchasing anything.


    The question we are looking into today is, “Are baby carriers safe?”


    Baby carriers are a product that makes the lives of a parent 1000x more convenient... but are they worth it? What are the potential downfalls of a baby carrier and which baby carriers are best?


    If you’re interested in learning more, then keep reading! We’ll be answering all of your questions about baby carriers in this article.


    What Are Baby Carriers and What Are They Used For?


    Babywearing is a common

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