Babywearing Is Awesome!

Hi, I'm Beth. Great to see you here

We offer one-to-one Consultations, Online Consultations, Workshops & Events such as Fourth Trimester Sessions.

Your Consultation will take place with Beth. Beth is one of the most highly trained and experienced Carrying Consultants in the UK and Ireland, with years of training and experience in helping families find the sling that works for them. Consultations are based on your needs, and we can always tweak or alter the structure to suit you.

If you decide to purchase a sling or carrier at the end of the Consultation then the Consultation fee is waived.

Babywearing Carrying Consultancy

Carrying your baby is wonderful; and there are lots of slings and carriers available. But which one to choose? Which is best for your family?

With a lot of knowledge, care, and lots of slings available for you to try, I can help you find the best sling / carrier for you and your baby.

When you book a Carrying Consultation it is tailored to you and your baby's needs. We offer several different types of Consultation. If you would like to learn how to carry your baby safely and comfortably then choose from the options below, or get in touch with us here:

One-To-One Consultation - 1.5 - 2 hrs - £30

A 1.5 hour one-to-one family consultation (1 or 2 people, with one baby or bump).


Here, we'll start by looking at sling safety and comfort; we'll look at why carrying is normal and why your baby wants to be carried; baby's physiology and why carrying well is so important; we'll address your carrying needs as a family and baby's individual carrying needs. You'll be able to try carriers and slings and find a type that's right for your needs. You will be asked to complete a pre-consultation questionnaire to help us assess your carrying requirements. The price also includes any follow ups you may need, including any drop-in sessions you require.


After the consultation, we are on-hand to offer unlimited help and aftercare by phone, email, or online.

Newborn Package - 3-4 hrs - £50

The newborn package comprises 2-3 online sessions depending upon your needs. Typically, it involves a prenatal session and a postnatal session, along with a follow-up session as required. The pre- and postnatal session comprises the content of the One-To-One Consultation, but with a greater focus on the specific needs of a newborn.

Refresher Session - 30 mins - £10

Do you already have a sling or carrier? You can bring it along to troubleshoot any issues or practice technique online.


 I found Beth very knowledgeable and passionate about baby wearing and she spent good time with us going through the options. 


 I loved being able to try the slings out in my own time and discuss advantages of some designs. 


 It took the confusion out to of baby wearing for my husband and I giving us hands on practice. 


 I was very impressed and have told all my friends.