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It's a simple fact that your newborn baby needs a lot of closeness; you probably already know this if you have a newborn baby. At this age, it’s best to use a baby carrier to carry in the facing-in position - this strengthens the bond between you; the warmth of your breath and the sound of your heartbeat are reassuring to your baby.


At about the age of five months though, when your baby’s neck muscles are stronger, you can start carrying in the facing-out position — curious babies usually enjoy seeing what’s happening around them. BabyBjörn recommend when your baby is one year old, you can start carrying them on your back, which often feels more comfortable as your child grows heavier.


There are other great forward facing baby carriers, but the Baby Björn Mini is especially designed for young babies and is a perfect baby carrier from newborn. It can be used on the front, parent-facing and facing out, too.


The Baby Carrier Mini is simple to put on and take off, making it perfect for frequent, short babywearing sessions. Its clever design means that you can unfasten the entire front section to gently lift out your sleeping baby.


Can You Use the Baby Björn Mini Front Facing?


Yes you can, and many babies enjoy facing-out. They enjoy the extra interaction with their world. Some babies prefer the facing-out position as it’s more comfortable for them - there's reduced pressure against their chest, or perhaps there are sensory issues are at play that mean it is more comfortable for them to be in the facing out position.


Your baby should be carried facing inwards for the first few months, but at five months, you can also choose a face-out position. The Baby Carrier Mini is designed to be used with babies up to 12 months old and 24 pounds, so once your baby reaches those limits, it's time to consider a different carrier.


Always remember to read the BabyBjörn instructions or watch the tutorials, and always carry baby inwards-facing until they are 5 months old.


If baby gets sleepy or shows signs of overstimulation, turn baby around to face you. Baby should be removed completely from the carrier for repositioning. The facing out position should be used for shorter durations of carrying only, around 20 minutes maximum.


Start off with short durations (5-10 minutes) to prevent over-stimulation. If baby shows signs of over-stimulation (for example, if they seem zoned out, catatonic, fussy or tired) or sleepiness, just turn them back around to front-inward, so they can find comfort in their wearer and rest.


Remember that It is NEVER safe for baby to sleep whilst outwards facing.


Even if your baby seems strong, with good head and neck control for their age, it is still NOT advised to use the forward-facing position. Remember, baby’s airway can become compromised if they do not have the strength to hold up their head steadily for a longer period of time. In this instance, continue to face inwards until baby reaches the age and has the strength, head and neck control to allow for forward-facing.


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