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Pro Tips

  1. 10 Reasons Why Babywearing is a Lifesaver for Mommas on Wheels

    Isara The One Review

    We carry our babies for 9 months, maybe more. Regardless of whether we have a physical disability or not, growing our precious minis is a pretty level playing field and things take care of themselves for the most part.


    We all look forward to delivery day when we get to snuggle our precious cargo, see

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  2. How To Adjust the Fabric of a Ring Sling

    Here we show you how to adjust the fabric of a ring sling that is sitting too high at your neck.

    This is a really quick and easy pro tip to maximise comfort and support.

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  3. Coracor Baby Wrap Instruction Video

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  4. How to Increase Neck Support in a Woven Wrap

    Here we show you how to use a cotton muslin (or similar) to help increase neck support for baby when using a woven wrap.

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  5. Babywearing Pro Tip - How To Use A Stretchy Wrap - Video

    Have you wondered how to use a stretchy wrap? Perhaps you have one but need a bit of practice? This is a great video showing you how to use a stretchy wrap courtesy of Coracor. It runs through the basics of how to initially set up the wrap, putting baby in, and getting baby out again. Oh, and Coracor wraps are fabulous - you can see them here.


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  6. Babywearing Pro Tip - How To Remove Your Baby Carrier By Yourself - Video

    This is a follow on from last week where we showed you how to put on your carrier by yourself.

    This video shows how to get your carrier (with a central clip) off by yourself without help.

    Now you can use both tips together and go out independently without anyone helping, confident that you'll be able to put your carrier on and take it off by yourself.

    What do you think of this tip? We hope

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  7. Babywearing Pro Tip - How To Adjust Your Back Clip By Yourself - Video

    We were asked last week for this video so we hope you enjoy.

    Do you struggle to do up your chest clip alone? Trying to adjust it into a comfortable position but suffer from 'T-Rex arms'?

    This is the 'T-shirt method' - doing up the clip first and pulling over your head.

    Hope it helps! Let us know if it did. Also pop back next week to see how to get it off by yourself!


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  8. Babywearing Pro Tip - How to Create A Shoulder Flip Two Different Ways - Video

    This shows you how to create a shoulder flip during wrapping and after wrapping with a stretchy.

    A shoulder flip is a great way to keep the fabric away from baby's face. More important when baby is sleeping.

    This is also a good option about 4months when baby wants to look around more.

    Hope this helps!


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  9. Babywearing Pro Tip - How To Adjust Cross Straps That Have Creeped Up - Video

    This week we are showing how to adjust cross straps that have creeped up.

    The video shows two different options to try, see what works best for you. This will work for any cross strap carrier. For the most comfort, it's best to have straps flat on your shoulders and the cross further down your back. This prevents pull and strain on your shoulders.

    The carrier used is a Harris tweed size 1 Integra. You can find our range

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  10. Babywearing Pro Tip - How To Ensure Natural Positioning With A Pelvic Tilt

    Babywearing Pro Tip - How To Ensure Natural Positioning With A Pelvic Tilt

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