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This is the how, when and why of carrying your baby in the forward facing position with a BabyBjörn baby carrier.


How to Use a BabyBjörn Carrier in the Front Facing Position


Your newborn baby needs a lot of closeness, and baby carriers are a great way to facilitate this closeness. At this age, it’s best to carry in the facing-in position to strengthen the bond between you; the warmth of your breath and the sound of your heartbeat are reassuring to your baby.


At about the age of five months when your baby’s neck muscles are stronger, you can start carrying in the facing-out position — curious babies usually enjoy seeing what’s happening around them. When your baby is one year old, you can start carrying them on your back, which often feels more comfortable as your child grows heavier.


When to Use a BabyBjorn Carrier in the Front Facing Position


The BabyBjörn One can be used to front carry facing in, front carry forward-face and back carry. It can be used in the facing-out position from around 5 months to 15 months, up to a maximum weight of 12kg.


BabyBjörn recommend that you carry your baby facing inwards in the baby carrier until they are at least 5 months old. Around that age, your child’s neck, back and hips will be strong enough for you to be able to alternate between the facing-in and facing-out positions. The maximum weight for facing-out position is 12 kg.


The BabyBjörn Mini is especially designed for young babies and is a perfect baby carrier for their early months, from newborn. It can be used on the front, parent-facing and facing out.


When you carry your baby in the facing-out position, they should be at least five months old and weigh a maximum of 11 kg (24 lbs).


BabyBjörn recommend carrying your child facing inwards at least up until 5 months. Around that age your child’s neck, spine and hips will be strong enough for you to either carry your child facing inwards or outwards.


The BabyBjörn Harmony is the newest addition to the BabyBjörn collection. This carrier is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a soft-structured and ergonomic baby carrier with a luxurious feel. A pressure-relieving waist belt and padded back support and shoulder straps make Baby Carrier Harmony incredibly comfortable. 


BabyBjörn Harmony can be used to carry your baby on the front, parent-facing from newborns (min. 3.2 kg) and up to the age of approximately 2 years (max. 15 kg).


The BabyBjörn Harmony offers four positions: newborn, facing-in, facing-out, and on your back. Your newborn needs a lot of closeness. Carrying your baby facing in strengthens the bond between the two of you, while the warmth of your breath and the sound of your heart provide a sense of security for your baby. At around the age of five months, once your baby’s neck muscles have become strong enough to hold up the head unaided, you can begin to carry facing out.


BabyBjörn recommend that your baby face you (inwards) until they can hold their head upright unaided. At around 5 months your baby’s neck, back and hips will be strong enough for facing forwards. The maximum weight for using the facing-out position with this carrier is 12 kg (26 lbs).


Why You Should Use a BabyBjorn Carrier in the Front Facing Position


Many babies enjoy facing-out. They enjoy the extra interaction with their world. Some babies prefer the facing-out position as it’s more comfortable for them - there is reduced pressure against their chest, or perhaps there are sensory issues are at play that make them prefer a facing out position.


There are a few things you can do to help when carrying your baby in the forward facing position. Always remember to read the BabyBjörn instructions or watch the online video tutorials. Always carry baby inwards-facing until 5 months and don't carry in a front-facing position until they are ready.


If you’d like assistance with your carrier, we are always happy to help, and you can always book a consultation with us. Other brands of baby carriers such as the range of carriers from Ergobaby have options for forward facing too.