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  1. European Customers & Brexit

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    European Customers & Brexit - Good News!


    What to expect in the New Year…


    Well, we are very fortunate to be able to say that nothing changes for us, or for our amazing, valued customers and friends in the EU. This is because we are still in the EU single market.


    We will continue to ship to all countries in Europe and our customers will NOT have customs checks, tariffs, paperwork or any extra charges, when ordering from us. Everything will remain exactly the same, both for us and you. Happy days.


    This allows us to trade with our amazing wholesalers in Europe and to send our amazing parcels to European customers in exactly the same way as always.


    For our awesome customers and friends i

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  2. Love & Carry LoveTai Review

    Love & Carry LoveTai Review

    Love & Carry LoveTai Review

    I carry my baby a lot! Sure, mostly in wraps as that's what I find the most comfortable, but I'm also very proficient with any type of carrier and have tried a little bit of everything after almost four and a half years of carrying my two children. So, when I saw the opportunity to try this new -to-me meh dai, I didn't think twice and applied immediately.


    The meh dai I'm writing about is the LoveTai made by Love & Carry, a Ukranian brand. It was sent to me as a tester, by their retailer in the UK, Love To Be Natural.


    The one I received was made from 100% cotton wrap fabric, in light

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