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European Customers & Brexit - Good News!


What to expect in the New Year…


Well, we are very fortunate to be able to say that nothing changes for us, or for our amazing, valued customers and friends in the EU. This is because we are still in the EU single market.


We will continue to ship to all countries in Europe and our customers will NOT have customs checks, tariffs, paperwork or any extra charges, when ordering from us. Everything will remain exactly the same, both for us and you. Happy days.


This allows us to trade with our amazing wholesalers in Europe and to send our amazing parcels to European customers in exactly the same way as always.


For our awesome customers and friends in Scotland, Wales and England, nothing changes at all, everything remains exactly the same.


Customers In England, Scotland, Wales & NI


We can still import goods from our suppliers as usual and can send them to you as usual with no checks, tariffs or charges.


Customers In Ireland and the Rest of Europe


We can still send goods to you as usual. We will ship your purchases by priority airmail and there will be no customs charges or fees for you upon delivery.


Rest of World Customers


Purchases and deliveries will continue as normal. We will ship your purchases by priority airmail, but there will be country-dependent customs charges upon delivery.


Much love to all our wonderful customers & friends,

Beth & the LTBN Team.