The Best Waterproof Babywearing Coat

Staying dry is the hardest part of babywearing when out and about! All of these babywearing coats & jackets are amazing for our weather, in all our seasons. Check out our top four options here.


The collection we have for Autumn Winter 2021/22 is simply amazing!


1. Mamalila Allrounder Jacket


The point of the Mamalila Allrounder is that it is very good at solving a basic, everyday, babywearing problem - how to get out and about in all weather, when you carry your baby in a sling. Perhaps you don't have a buggy or pram, but you still need to get out to walk the dog, do the school run for an older sibling, or nip to the shops - things you can't put off just because it's raining.


It's perfect for the every day.

  • it’s a maternity jacket
  • it’s a babywearing jacket
  • it’s great worn solo


The beauty of the jacket is that it comes with both a pregnancy and a babywearing insert. So you can start using it as your bump grows, whilst front or back carrying a baby or toddler in any kind of sling (woven wraps, buckle carriers, stretchy wraps, meh dais, ring slings), and then even after your baby has grown, just as a regular weatherproof jacket.


It may be a technical, functional jacket, but it is still feminine, with properly cut waist and cuffs. There are other babywearing jackets on the market, but we've found they don't have quite the same quality or fit as the Mamalila Jacket; it's well-made with attention to detail. It has a removable, adjustable hood, toggles at the waist, and toggles at the hood on the babywearing insert. Plus it's easy to use, with high quality zippers, meaning the inserts zip in and out with ease.


New Season 21/22 colours Mustard, Deep Berry & Navy are made from 100% recycled polyester! Even better eco-credentials with the same amazing performance.


It’s perfect for all of our seasons. It’s slow fashion at its absolute best.


The Allrounder Babywearing Jacket has a waterproof coating that makes raindrops form into pearls which in turn roll off the jacket like water off a duck’s back! Mamalila only uses environmentally friendly FC-free coatings which can be biologically broken down so that no pollutants accumulate in the body or in nature. Made from 100% recycled materials too!


2. Mamalila Shelter Jacket


The ulta-lightweight rain jacket from Mamalila, updated for the AW 2020/21 season. It's waterproof & windproof, and you can use on its own as an amazing, high quality rain jacket, when pregnant, or with baby carried on your front or back.


When it comes to summer rains, April showers or changeable autumn weather, you need a quick, light waterproof jacket to keep you and your little one covered and protected. Enter the Mamalila Babywearing Rain Jacket Shelter - it's the perfect lightweight rain jacket for when you're out and about with your little one in a sling and you get caught in bad weather.


It's a tailored jacket with hood and taped seams. It's wind and waterproof, and highly breathable.


The Mamalila Rain Jacket Shelter for two is a maternity and babywearing jacket, thanks to the addition of the babywearing and maternity inserts (both included). But it's also great for mum on her own as it can be worn on its own without either of the inserts.


It's the fine details that turn a regular waterproof jacket into a well-thought-out jacket for mum and baby.The baby hood can be gradually folded, and has an integrated head support for sleeping babies. The hems, sleeves, and hood are all adjustable so that you stay super-dry! The high collar adds wind protection, and there is adjustable neck protection for baby.


3. Mamalila Berlin Jacket


The Short Coat Berlin from Mamalila - with a detachable lining, it really is the perfect coat for all-year-round babywearing!


It's made from 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester with an environmentally friendly PU membrane making it weather resilient and breathable; plus, it has an FC-free coating. It comes with an insert for babywearing, and looks amazing worn on its own too. It's the absolute opposite of fast fashion!


This is the ultimate versatile babywearing coat, and it's eco-friendly too. The Mamalila Short Coat is made from 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester, with an environmentally friendly PU membrane making it weather resilient and breathable; plus, it has an FC-free coating to help keep you nice and dry.


Additionally, a quilted detachable lining made from recycled polyester and vegan padding makes the coat particularly versatile allowing it to be worn all year round: in spring and summer as a light cotton overcoat and in autumn and winter as a padded warm winter coat, which is at the same time astonishingly light!


Thanks to its A-shape, the Short Coat is also suitable during pregnancy: your growing belly fits comfortably within the generous cut. And with the aid of the accompanying insert, a babywearing coat is born; after all, it too works according to the award-winning Mamalila concept, so the coat can be used when you're carrying your baby on your front or on your back.


The Mamalila Short Coat for babywearing is a coat for all seasons. The light, water resilient, impregnated outer coat is supplemented by a cosy quilted lining, which can be buttoned in as required ensuring you're warm and snuggly on colder days.


4. Mamalila Dublin Jacket


Limited Edition and new for the 2021/22 season, this is a contemporary urban rain coat in a classic mackintosh style. Made from organic cotton and recycled polyester, this is super-stylish and has amazing eco credentials.


From forest walks to frantic shops, with a womb-to-world newborn or scrambling toddler. Ethically made with recycled materials and built to withstand wear for years to come, whether you’re babywearing or not.


This babywearing coat is nice and long which offers additional protection for legs from wind and rain, while at the same time providing effective rain coverage for baby. Made from an innovative mix of materials - environmentally friendly organic cotton combined with recycled polyester - this babywearing coat is robust, abrasion resistant and wind and rainproof. An uncomplicated, sustainable companion through all seasons, which keeps you both stylish and dry.

It comes with 2 inserts - a maternity insert for your growing bump, and a babywearing insert so you can use it when babywearing either on your front or back. It can also be used without either of the inserts as a regular fitted Mackintosh and will last for years!


With its light cotton lining it's made for the whole year - when it's cold you can add a thicker layer underneath but you can also wear it in autumn, spring or on cooler summer days. That is why it's named after the Irish capital, where you can experience four seasons in one day and being prepared is part of everyday life!


One of the most special features with Dublin is its material. The outer fabric of the babywearing coat is 100% polyester made from recycled PET bottles and PU membrane, waterproof to 10,000mm water column. Dublin is FC-free impregnated and lined with organic cotton. In combination with the taped shoulder area and windproof, breathable membrane, this makes for an unbeatable combination of weather protection, sustainability and style.