What's The Best Baby Carrier for Breastfeeding

Generally speaking, there’s no ‘best’ baby carrier or sling for breastfeeding in. You can technically breastfeed in almost any sling or carrier (although there are a few exceptions which we'll look at below).


There’s almost always a ‘best option for you’ though. A sling or carrier which will work for your comfort, and the age of your baby.


What Do We Know About Breastfeeding in a Sling?


As well as being lead babywearing Consultant at LTBN, I’m also a breastfeeding peer supporter and a breastfeeding/feeding in a sling specialist.


When looking for a sling, lots of mothers want to be able to feed in it. It makes sense to put the two together - slings and breastfeeding.


Feeding in a carrier is very individual. We’re working with postpartum bodies, and bodies that have changed; so what works for one mum may not work for another, or even for subsequent babies.


That’s where our training, experience and extensive knowledge of slings helps you.


Safety Pro Tips


When breastfeeding in a sling, there are a few important points to remember:


  • Always support babies head
  • Ensure babies hands cup the breast
  • No fabric behind babies head
  • Monitor baby at all times for latching on and off
  • When finished, always reposition baby upright (if cradle positioned).


The first thing to remember about feeding in a sling - it’s almost never hands-free, especially when working with a newborn or younger baby.


With a newborn or younger baby, their heads should be supported from behind, but not covered or restricted.


Hands-free feeding may become possible as baby gets older and can take care of the ‘baby-meets-breast’ part.


You can feed in the upright position, or in a sideways position. Either, always bring baby back to upright in optimum position.


Best Slings for Breastfeeding


In 12 years of supporting parents, we’ve found ring slings and stretchy wraps are the most popular options to breastfeed in, with a newborn. Let’s take a look at ring slings.


Ring Slings


Here at LTBN HQ we really love ring slings, and we know that lots and lots of you do too. In the context of baby carriers overall, ring slings are easy to use, great for both newborn snuggles as well and those quick up-and-downs with toddlers, plus they fold up nice and small to fit easily in a bag when you're out and about on the go.


Ring slings are fairly versatile too - there are many carrying options with a ring sling. You can carry your baby in a ring sling in the following four ways:


  • a full front carry
  • a hip carry
  • an off-centre carry with a twist at the back
  • hip carry with shoulder flip & rings at the back.


An older baby will sit more on your hip for a full hip carry, whereas a smaller baby will sit more 'off centre' on your front.


Love Radius Ring Sling


Love Radius Ring Sling

The Love Radius Ring Sling is quick, easy to use and very lightweight. Perfect for carrying your newborn.


This ring sling is marvellously soft. It snuggles like no other ring sling. It’s a shorter length (no enormous tail section to trip over). It's a clever little ring sling that's completely reversible, completely unisex and can be worn on either the left or right shoulder.


It has a lovely wee bit of stretch that allows it to gently cradle your bundle snug and securely, off-centre and high - away from sensitive soft-tissue.


The super-soft knitted fabric makes it really easy to adjust. Perfect for breastfeeding in.



Didymos Didysling


Didymos Didysling

The Didysling is a woven wrap ring sling made from Didymos woven wraps. Made from organic cotton, they are seriously amazing - it's been one of our bestsellers for many years!


We have over 50 different Didysling designs in stock. There are lots of options to choose from. We can support you to choose the perfect weave, weight & colour - just ask!



Stretchy Wraps


Stretchy wraps comprise one long piece of fabric, akin to t-shirt fabric around 5m in length, which is wrapped around your body and keep your little one secure, snug and close - the best place to be after nine months in utero!


In general, most stretchy wraps are used for front carrying only, with baby being placed in an upright, tummy-to-tummy position. One size fits most wearers and stretchy wraps can be very comfortable and supportive for both wearer and baby, particularly as they are so soft. They're a great carrying option for newborns up to around 6 months.



Coracor Baby Wraps


Coracor Wraps

These wraps are soft, lightweight, durable and organic; not only that, the designs are stunning! Easy to wear colours, and designs that wouldn't be out of place in a boutique clothing store. Made with organic certified cotton the Coracor baby wrap is a two-way stretch wrap, which is soft, thin but durable, beautiful and safe. The exclusive fabric is breathable and keeps both you and your baby comfortable and close. Perfect for breastfeeding in.



Other Options


There are several other options for breastfeeding in a sling - here are our favourites:


  • Love & Carry Half Buckle
  • Didyklick Half Buckle
  • Didymos Meh Dai
  • Tula Free To Grow