The Best Babywearing Covers

The very best & newest babywearing covers are here!


The collection we have for Autumn Winter 2021/22 is simply amazing!


  • Huge choice of colours & designs.
  • From lightweight to super-warm.
  • Choose from integral hoods or removable hoods.
  • Super functional - they look good, but are also amazing for our climate. Windproof and waterproof.

      Why Do Parents Love Babywearing Covers?


      Babywearing covers are a superb option for using between different wearers, allowing you to wear your favourite coat or jacket whilst carrying, staying dry and snug together.


      There is an awesome selection - lightweight, padded, with hood, removable hood; plus they're really functional - all can be used for front carry and back carry.


      They fit and adjust over baby quickly and easily, offering a very snug fit to keep the baby warm & dry. The perfect option that both parents can use.


      In this post we’ll look at lots of different types. From lightest, to the warmest, and from best for toddlers, to most rainproof!


      1. Mamalila Babywearing Covers


      The range of babywearing covers from Mamalila is excellent.


      The selection is simply fantastic. Cozy hoods and tucked & covered tootsies.


      All Mamalila Babywearing Covers:


      • are windproof
      • are waterproof
      • are easy to use
      • can be used for front and back carrying
      • made and produced using ethical materials and processes
      • are available from £34.94.


      Best for Speed & Most Lightweight


      Mamalila Babywearing Rain Cover Shelter


      This simple, light babywearing cover - it's ultra-thin, ultra-light but extremely waterproof & weatherproof, making it perfect to have in your bag when you're out and about just in case you're caught in a shower.


      Perhaps you don't need a babywearing jacket or you need a solution that both you and your partner can use.


      The rain cover can be used as a standalone item directly over any type of carrier, whether you're carrying on your front or back.


      Key Features include:


      • Reliable rain protection with 10.000 mm water column;
      • Functions with every type of wrap or carrier;
      • One size in Ice Grey, suitable for children from 0 to approximately 2 years;
      • Works with both high and low carrying positions;
      • Innovative folding hood, folds piece by piece out or folded together as collar;
      • 94% polyester, 6% spandex, FC- and PTFE- free;
      • Wide adjustable neck protection against cold and draughts;
      • Practical inside pockets for baby's feet.


      Isara Babywearing Covers


      The Isara Babywearing Cover is great when you want added warmth too - it has a cozy warm lining that will keep you toasty and warm no matter the weather.


      They have integral pockets for toasty warm hands, a high collar for addded wind protection and a removable hat with teddy fleece lining.


      The Isara Babywearing Cover is designed to protect your baby from cold, wind and rain. Made with a stylish look and sleek design, the Isara Babywearing Cover is waterproof, windproof and toasty warm.


      Best for Warmth


      The Isara Covers are best for warmth for these great reasons:


      • Grows together with your child and functions from birth up to 4-5 years.
      • Can be used over any style of carrier: baby carrier, woven wrap, stretchy wrap, mei tai, etc.
      • Use on your front, back and hip.
      • Unisex. One size fits all.
      • Multifunctional - works as a soft blanket when you change diapers or when the baby sleeps, as a cover, when the child is transported in a buggy, car etc.
      • Latest generation multilayered outer fabric. The three layers combine to provide a waterproof, wind-resistant, and warming fabric.
      • Fluffy interior offers extra warmth, which not only offers a soft and fluffy feeling, but also gives the cover a stylish appearance.
      • The top of the cover (at baby’s neck) is high enough to ensure good protection and warmth, even without the hood.
      • Adjustment with elastic at the top, by the child's neck. By adjusting the elastic you have the best protection from the outdoor elements, but is also offers support for a sleeping child’'s head.
      • By tightening elastic at the bottom of the cover, you can adjust its length depending on the child's height.
      • Pockets lined with the same generous and cozy fabric keeps your hands protected, warm and allows you to cradle your child while babywearing.


      MaM Babywearing Covers - Best for up to Toddlerhood


      Keeps your baby warm in the cold season - fits over all styles of baby slings and carriers and can as easily be used both on front and back.


      This is a quick and easy answer when babywearing outdoors in all kinds of weather. Great if you already have a good jacket or coat that you use yourself, and great if you want to share the cover between parents.


      This weatherproof softshell cover is bonded with polar fleece and a tec-layer. Just perfect for keeping your little one warm and dry when you're out and about in bad weather. It's important to protect the heads of your baby in addition to the rest of their small bodies so this cover comes with a hood/hat.


      The hood has two buttons at the top for adjustment, and a nice looking circular rib part in the back for easy dressing and straps for securing and adjusting the neck width.


      MaM Babywearing Covers have these great features:


      • Easy to use.
      • The neck of a sleeping child is supported by the cover.
      • The adjustable elephant hood for your baby is removable and can also be used as its own.
      • Practical pocket in front.
      • Six point closure and a draw string in the hem making a secure pouch for the feet of the child.
      • Great in all kinds of weather conditions.
      • Head flap also works as an extra protection from sun rays/harsh weather when needed and can be folded down when the child is awake.
      • Material: A stretchy softshell technical cover, fabric bonded with a structure-cut polar fleece and a breathable, watherproof membrane (MaMtec >5000mm).