Tula Preschool Carrier Review

We have been waiting for this carrier for ages! The amazing Tula Preschool Carrier is HERE and we love it! It’s the carrier for your much-bigger kid - 4 years +. It’s the same Tula Carrier we all come to know and love - the same gorgeous prints, the same amazing design and the same ergonomic support and functionality.


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What’s different though is the size - it’s the largest Tula Carrier yet with a panel of 51.1 x 50.4cm and reinforced with an added layer and strategic stitching, the Tula Preschool Carrier is designed to be secure and comfortable to help you continue your babywearing journey well into toddlerhood. The Preschool Carrier has a weight range of 16-32kg (35-70lbs) and is best meant for a child from 3/4 years to 5 years old.


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Now, we all know that as our little ones get bigger and bigger, of course we carry them less. Yet there are still so many occasions when your big kid is just too tired to finish that hike or that weekly shopping trip. Sometimes they’re over-tired, overstimulated and just plain done, and that's when they need up.


Some of our kids need to be carried - kids with more complex needs or additional needs, for example. This carrier gives you and them the freedom to get out to places you may not otherwise be able to reach. It gives you a way to carry them that’s easier on your body and keeps your hands free for other tasks that need handled at the same time and it does this brilliantly!


Key Features


The Tula Preschool Carrier has all the features you know and love:

  • it's ergonomic and comfy
  • it's easy to use - this is so very important when carrying a big kid (as babywearing parents ourselves, we know how important simplicity is!)
  • the waistband sits on the hips or waist spreading the weight to help keep you carrying for longer. The extra padding at the legs means your big kid stays comfy too!
  • reinforced layer of stitching for extra security.


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More Details


More details on the Tula Preschool Carrier:

  • Suitable from around 3-4 yrs to 5+ yrs.
  • Made from breathable, lightweight 100% Öko-Tex Standard 100 certified cotton.
  • Ergonomic 'M-Position' seat.
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps.
  • Multiple ergonomic positions - carry your preschooler on your front and back.
  • Wide padded waist band.
  • Super-soft leg padding.
  • Easy-to-adjust design for use between multiple wearers.
  • Extra stitching support.
  • Removable sleephood & waist pocket.
  • Care - spot clean, machine wash cold when necessary, delicate cycle, mild detergent, air dry.


Tula Preschool Carrier Review Infographic


Final Thoughts


If you’re starting or continuing your babywearing journey with a bigger child then the Tula Preschool Carrier is an awesome carrier to go with. It’s brilliantly simple in design but does what it’s supposed to do, effortlessly. Bigger children do need carried, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. This is the carrier to do it with. You can see the full range here.


Happy big-kid-wearing,

Beth xx