Wrapping is such a sensory experience. To the eye, it's a feast of colour, texture and design. To the hand, it's the soft feel of the fabric running though your fingers, exploring the texture, finding the hemmed edges. Feeling your technique as you learn to adjust the fabric, learn how it moves and how it acts.


Handwoven wraps can offer a different, even more sensory experience - their feel, texture and weight in hand are different to wraps woven using modern weaving methods.


Handwoven wraps are woven on traditional looms. It’s a time-intensive, complex yet deeply human process. With this, you can see the visible thread shifts, small knots and other irregularities. This is the beauty of a handwoven product and makes every piece unique. Handwoven wraps are like humans - unique & individual; thousands of intertwined threads create imperfections and irregularities; it’s what makes them special.



It was with joy that we discovered Löft Woven Wraps.


Löft is a Danish fair trade brand founded in 2017 that creates stunning handwoven wraps and ring slings whilst creating safe fair wage jobs and better opportunities for marginalised female artisans in Nepal.


They started out by making limited edition luxurious baby wraps and ring slings, and have since expanded with the line Löft Basic line, consisting of handwoven baby wraps and ring slings in organic cotton.



The story of Löft revolves around the two Nepalese women behind this collection – Shanti and Arati, who dreamed of starting their own weaving business. Löft supported them, and together they created this amazing organic cotton collection of handwoven wraps and ring slings.



The fine, soft organic cotton is very easy to tie and can be used by experienced wrappers as well as beginners. The Shanti baby sling will support both you and your child and it has a great grip and a good bounce. It is soft from the beginning. Perfect for both newborns and bigger babies up to 16kg. They're made from 100% organic cotton and weigh approx 260 g/m2.



Löft Wraps are wrapped in handmade and handprinted organic Lokta paper.


When your carrying days are over, we recommend that you pass on the ring sling/wrap to other parents or make it into your favourite scarf, embracing all the memories of you carrying your baby.


This is an easy-care baby sling, so it can be washed in the machine.


When buying a Löft product, you are supporting female empowerment and fair wage production without dangerous chemicals.


These are absolutely gorgeous wraps, and a fantastic example of wraps produced by hand. You can see the woven wrap collection here, and the ring sling collection here.