Coracor Baby Wrap Review


After 10 years as a babywearing industry leader, it can be difficult to find any thrill in a new stretchy wrap brand - we've seen / stocked / used dozens in that time).

So when a Danish friend recommended a new stretchy to us, from a Swedish designer, suffice to say my interest was piqued!

Now, we are super-hard to please when it comes to stretchy wraps - so of course, we had lots of questions. What are they like? How do they feel? What are they made from, yada yada yada (you get the idea!)

So here’s the lowdown on the Coracor Baby Wrap:

Two-way stretch - this means it stretches left and right, and up and down.

Organic cotton - GOTS Certified.

Ethically made and boxed.


Coracor Baby Wrap Review


So we are head-over-heels for Coracor stretchy wraps. I mean, what’s not to love?! The wraps are soft, lightweight, durable and organic; not only that, the designs are stunning! Easy to wear colours, and designs that wouldn't be out of place in a boutique clothing store.


Coracor Baby Wrap Review



Coracor Baby Wrap Review


With your baby wrapped close, you have free hands to safely take on the world together, while feeling elegant, stylish and well dressed. Made with organic certified cotton the Coracor baby wrap is a two-way stretch wrap, which is soft, thin but durable, beautiful and safe. The exclusive fabric is breathable and keeps both you and your baby comfortable and close.

So if you’re looking for a stretchy wrap to basically live in during the fourth trimester (and I mean come on, who wouldn’t - it makes life so much easier and there’s constant cuddles), then a Coracor Baby Wrap is it! You can see the full collection here.