Babywearing With A Toddler

Isara Toddler Carrier


Toddler carrying is very much the same as carrying a younger baby (size aside).

You carry your toddler every day in arms. It’s where your toddler is often most comfortable. It’s where you love to hold them, where you know they are happiest and safest.

Using a sling to carry your toddler is an extension of carrying your toddler in arms.

A sling allows you to carry your toddler, to continue the loving touch they need, whilst having your hands free.

Toddler-wearing has such meaning, it’s deep bonding that lasts. Carrying a bigger baby or older child can have a profound and lasting impact on you both. It's never too late to start carrying & how long you carry for, is completely up to you both. It may be every day, it may be now and again. It may only be when they are poorly or as an out-the-blue-you-haven't-been-carried-for-years surprise. It doesn't matter - it's closeness, deep bonding and absolutely cup-filling.

With everything going on in a small child's world, so much to absorb and learn, and so much to cope with, the downtime and connection they achieve when carried is very profound.

Carrying an older baby, toddler or preschooler - their size alone can make this no easy feat. But sometimes they absolutely need a 20 minute nap/rest and this is one way to manage it. They can be heavy, yet much lighter than in arms and ultimately, they can be a happier child for the little reconnect and nap.

The closeness, the chitchat, the jibber-jabber and sharing of experiences; trust me, it’s amazing!

The Best Baby Carriers & Slings For Toddlers

There are so many options for toddler carrying - buckle carriers, half buckles, meh dais, woven wraps & ring slings are all great options, and each has specific advantages.

Buckle Carriers

Isara Toddler Carrier

Toddler Buckle Carriers allow you to carry your little one on your front and back and are a fantastic, structured option that has just a couple of buckle fastenings. These are a really popular option. Popular brands include:

Half Buckle Carriers

Tula Half Buckle Carrier

Half buckles are semi-structured carriers with a buckles waist and shoulder straps that tie. They have all the beauty, comfort & support of a woven wrap, & simplicity and practicality of a buckle carrier. Super-adjustable for toddlers. Super options include:

Meh Dais

Neobulle Evolubulle Meh Dai

Meh dais offer a little structure, but allow for a more custom fit to the wearer and toddler. You can hip carry with this option too.
 Great brands include:

Woven Wraps

Little Frog Woven Wraps are great for toddler carrying

Woven wraps are the most versatile and economic option for carrying any baby, toddler or preschooler. They can be tied in many different ways (single layer or multi-layer carries) and used on the front, back and hip.

Ring Slings

Ring slings are great for toddler carrying

Ring slings are a fantastic option for toddlers (and preschoolers even) who like to be carried fairly often but for shorter periods (think up-and-down and up-and-down). It’s a quick, lightweight option, the sling can be folded away in a bag when not in use, and the single-layer carry can be cooler for you both on warmer days.