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Monthly Archives: January 2018

  1. Do You Love Woven Wraps? We do!

    Woven Wraps


    Do you like woven wraps?


    Have you tried or used a woven wrap?


    If you haven't, would you like to?


    If you didn't like them, what was it that you didn't like?


    Me, I love woven wraps. Fact. Did I always love woven wraps? Erm, well, not love, no. I had more of a determination to make them work. And as I learned how to use them and how they work, I grew to love them dearly.


    Oh, the anticipation as you open the box, the feel in hand at that first touch, all freshly folded.


    Then, like the smashing of champagne on a new cruise liner, the inaugural steam

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  2. Mamalila Wool Hooded Coat Review

    Mamalila Wool Hooded Coat



    I have to say, I do love the cold weather. Who doesn't love a winter wonderland of frosty mornings, watching your breath travel slowly through the cold air, as if it too can can feel the chill.


    But it's not quite fun; it's not little-red-robin-perched-on-a-snowy-post cold. We live on a damp island just a stones throw from the Arctic circle. It's damp; really cold and damp.


    The sky is sitting 3 inches above your head, for what feels like forever. You feel like you haven't been properly dry in an age. You feel like the cold is actually radiating from inside your marrow. It's like you've been caught in a chapter from Hound of the Baskervilles, just minus the big beastly

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