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Monthly Archives: April 2017

  1. JPMBB PhysioCarrier Review

    JPMBB PhysioCarrier Review


    Here's the thing: I don't usually reach for a buckle carrier first. There's a simple reason - when we're out and about, there's usually more than one baby that needs to be carried at some point by both of us. Since Colin and I usually find different carriers comfy, we usually just grab a wrap and ring sling and we're off. Yay!


    Yet we both need to be super-up-to-speed on all of our buckle carriers. Buckle carriers are super-popular in the Boutique & online. So it's no surprise that we set aside our go-to carriers to test out the newest buckle on the LTBN block - the JPMBB PhysioCarrier.


    The surprise was that we both loved it! **side note - this is from a couple who

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  2. Social & Environmental Responsibility

    Social Environmental Responsibility


    We're environmental scientists who changed paths; we knew when we started Love To Be Natural that our commitment to living as ethically as possible and caring for the environment must extend to our family business; how we run it, the decisions we make, the suppliers we use and brands we work with.


    We can't claim to be perfect, but as an ethical company we understand our social and environmental responsibilities and act upon them as much as possible.


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  3. Let's Get To Know One Another

    Let's Get To Know One Another


    Love To Be Natural - for some, it’s just a faceless website, like so much of our society. But it’s so much more. On the other end is a family running a business - in our case me, Colin, and 4 children.


    Family Babywearing


    Love To Be Natural started in 2009. We started out as a ‘sling store’, and 8 years later, it’s still what we do. We love what we do, we really do. We have carried, and continue to carry, our own babies.


    For 8 years we have carefully selected our stock of slings, and we’ve helped families select their sling

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  4. We Love Ring Slings

    We love ring slings


    Here at LTBN HQ we really love ring slings, and we know that lots and lots of you do too. They're easy to use, great for newborn snuggles as well and those quick up-and-downs with toddlers, and they fold up nice and small to fit easily in a bag.


    My partner-in-sling-fun (and funnily enough my DH) did not always love the ring sling. Colin is a Carrying Consultant himself, so I'm sure he won't mind me telling you all that it wasn't love at first use. When at first he didn't get it, he gave up. Fair enough says I. But with a little gentle persuasion and some very good advice *insert winky here* he soon found the ring sling love. It's been his go-to sling option for a long time.


    If like Colin you don't see the attraction

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  5. The Didy Meh Dai Review - It Rocks Toddlers!

    Using The Didymos Didytai With A Toddler


    The Didy Meh Dai. Is it super-soft and snuggly for baby? Yes. Is it made from organic cotton? Oh yes. Is it suitable from newborn? Indeed it is. Can I use it with my toddler...?


    OK, let's tap the imaginary pause button here. This is where you'll hear different answers from varying sources. Some people will say 6 months; some 9 months; some will say 1 year; you see where I'm going with this.


    Well, there is no magic age that you need to stop using your Didy Meh Dai. We say use it, use it, use it!! Until you can't possibly squeeze anymore baby in! Well, not quite. But I usually respond with 'you can use it until you stop carrying'. And I definitely don't recommend squeezing

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