Using The Didymos Didytai With A Toddler


The Didy Meh Dai. Is it super-soft and snuggly for baby? Yes. Is it made from organic cotton? Oh yes. Is it suitable from newborn? Indeed it is. Can I use it with my toddler...?


OK, let's tap the imaginary pause button here. This is where you'll hear different answers from varying sources. Some people will say 6 months; some 9 months; some will say 1 year; you see where I'm going with this.


Well, there is no magic age that you need to stop using your Didy Meh Dai. We say use it, use it, use it!! Until you can't possibly squeeze anymore baby in! Well, not quite. But I usually respond with 'you can use it until you stop carrying'. And I definitely don't recommend squeezing baby in. And when I say you can use it until you stop carrying, I really mean it. I know it sounds vague, but it's exactly what I mean.


How can this be? Well, honestly, it's not complicated, you just need to adjust your tying technique to the size of the baby you're carrying. In the same way you adjust the carrier for a newborn (cinching the seat width, folding the waist etc), you adjust the carrier for your very big baby.


When you're carrying a bigger baby, a toddler or even a child (I'll explain the above photo very soon!), there are a few things you can do to ensure both of you are comfortable. The Didymos wrap fabric is a dream to work with, so let it do its thing - don't tie the waist tie as tight as you normally would for an younger baby. Leave a little space - it will allow that wonderful diagonal stretch to mould to your toddler and give you maximum wrap fabric for fit. As you lift the body panel up baby's back, remember to gently pull the fabric out from your body and up slowly and deliberately (as much as you can with a toddler!). This will help you get a good fit around your little one. Once you have the fabric all the way up baby's back and a strap resting on each shoulder, with one hand supporting the top of baby's back, use the other hand to lift baby's knee off the fabric; then do the same on the other side. This will help give a smooth deep seat for baby and even more fabric to work with.


But it's not knee to knee I hear you say?! Well, perhaps it can be. Those wide, super-comfy wrap shoulder straps aren't just a comfy hooks-over-the-shoulder-and-spreads-comfy-over-the-back kind of shoulder strap. You can also use them to extend the knee to knee positioning - essentially widening the seat. So as you pass the strap over baby's thigh, make sure to spread it out, right to the knee pit, and nice and smooth across their bottom. And there you have it - an instant seat extension.


So if you want to use your Didy Meh Dai with a bigger baby, then you most definitely can. It's just a matter of taking a little more care with the fabric and paying attention to how it moves and stretches.


Now, that photo :D Our eldest was 5 years old when this photo was taken. At that point, he was no longer carried, but when asked, he was happy to help. You can see from the photo that I couldn't quite make the straps fit to his knee pits exactly. However, what you can see is the awesome deep seat and M position that can be achieved with the Didytai, even when wrapping a rather tall and bold 5 year old.


The photos below show what a difference tying the carrier with a little bit of extra care can make. The photo on the left is a quick wrap job without maximising the diagonal stretch of the fabric. The photo on the right has only taken a few seconds more to tie, but shows the result of paying a little more attention to, and maximising the diagonal stretch of the fabric.


The Didytai


So that's the Didytai with toddlers. If you have any questions about it, then as always just ask! We're here to help.


Happy baby carrying!

Beth at Love To Be Natural