JPMBB PhysioCarrier Review


Here's the thing: I don't usually reach for a buckle carrier first. There's a simple reason - when we're out and about, there's usually more than one baby that needs to be carried at some point by both of us. Since Colin and I usually find different carriers comfy, we usually just grab a wrap and ring sling and we're off. Yay!


Yet we both need to be super-up-to-speed on all of our buckle carriers. Buckle carriers are super-popular in the Boutique & online. So it's no surprise that we set aside our go-to carriers to test out the newest buckle on the LTBN block - the JPMBB PhysioCarrier.


The surprise was that we both loved it! **side note - this is from a couple who can spend whole evenings debating the merit of dual-adjustable buckles ;-) ) **


Why? It fits both of us and it fits both babies


It's that simple. As parents who carry our babies, that's what we need in a buckle carrier. That same simplicity follows through to our consultations and demonstrations in the Boutique. This carrier will fit lots of different builds of wearer and babies of all ages.


Yes, there are small things we would change (we are seriously critical of carriers though!!); of course there are. In the main though, this is a buckle carrier that is reached for time and time again by both of us.


Colin loves the rollaway back panel - they run very warm together, so this keeps them comfy cool. I love that I can use the newborn booster when back carrying with the youngest baby, so she can look at everything around her.


The fact is, we reach for it. It's light, airy, comfortable (and that's for both you and baby!), and offers great positioning for baby. Bottom line, it goes everywhere with us.