Let's Get To Know One Another


Love To Be Natural - for some, it’s just a faceless website, like so much of our society. But it’s so much more. On the other end is a family running a business - in our case me, Colin, and 4 children.


Family Babywearing


Love To Be Natural started in 2009. We started out as a ‘sling store’, and 8 years later, it’s still what we do. We love what we do, we really do. We have carried, and continue to carry, our own babies.


For 8 years we have carefully selected our stock of slings, and we’ve helped families select their sling. We didn’t make a decision to diversify into slings because it seemed like a good idea. We started with slings - an idea born of our own love of carrying our baby (there was only one at the time!).


Family Babywearing


As a part of our business, and because we love what we do, we have undertaken carrying training. Colin is Trageschule trained, and I’m Trageschule Certified & Slingababy trained. Every day is about carrying - from daily Consultations in person to choosing new stock, and wrapping orders.


I have learned a huge amount from the training undertaken, and just as much from the families I’ve had the privilege to work with. And every day I learn something new, or learn to see something I thought I knew, in a different way.


Family Babywearing


Every order you place with us, every Consultation you book - each and every one has meaning for us and each one is tremendously appreciated.


As a small business, there’s a lot we can’t do. We can’t offer discounted prices or guarantee to be the lowest-priced at any given time. That’s what the big-name stores and huge we-do-everything stores do.


We understand that the insanely cheap offer on ‘that’ website is too good to pass up. You have a family to support too; we get that. So for every order you do place with us, we are grateful and thankful.


Family Babywearing


But you know, there’s a lot we can offer that big stores will never be able to offer: extensive carrying information; in-depth knowledge of each carrier and sling; hours, days or even weeks of email support, back and forth; troubleshooting; one-to-one Consultations; personal service; the little touches...I could go on.


Of course, we don’t get everything right; we’re only human, and we make mistakes. We don’t like it, and we know you like it even less.


So we try harder, every single day. Because we love what we do. Because carrying your baby is normal, and because babies want to be carried.


Family Babywearing