Social Environmental Responsibility


We're environmental scientists who changed paths; we knew when we started Love To Be Natural that our commitment to living as ethically as possible and caring for the environment must extend to our family business; how we run it, the decisions we make, the suppliers we use and brands we work with.


We can't claim to be perfect, but as an ethical company we understand our social and environmental responsibilities and act upon them as much as possible.



We believe in treating people fairly and supporting families in any way we can.


Voluntary Work


We have volunteered with and ran our local Slingmeet & Sling Library group for 7 years. Babywearing NI is a carrying resource for families & parents. We give our time, skills, knowledge and love to everyone who supports the group. It’s a labour of love. A place where we can give back to the community, and do what we love doing most.


We Are A Living Wage Employer


In paying the Living Wage we recognise that everyone benefits from a wage that reflects the job done. It makes sense. It ensures employees feel valued and respected, they enjoy what they do, and they want to do it well - it’s the right thing to do. Paying the Living Wage (currently £8.45 / hr outside London) is good for business, good for individuals, and ultimately good for society. It’s the difference between just getting the government minimum and earning enough to afford the things you need to live, like a decent meal, a warm home and a birthday treat for your children.


The Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually. The Living Wage is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK. Employers choose to pay the Living Wage on a voluntary basis. The Living Wage enjoys cross party support, with public backing from the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.


The UK Living Wage for outside of London is currently £8.45 per hour. This figure is set annually by the Centre for Research in Social Policy at Loughborough University.


The Living Wage Foundation recognises and celebrates the leadership shown by Living Wage employers across the UK. There are currently over 3000 accredited employers. We’re one of them.


We are a living wage employer


Family Friendly


We’re a family and we understand how tenuous the work/life balance can be. We offer family-friendly work hours, and our team can bring their children to work with them when they need to.


Supporting Families


We offer free Carrying Consultations and free sling use for disadvantaged families in our local community.



We take our environmental responsibility and our commitment to lessening our impact on our planet very seriously. This can be seen in everything we do.


All of our packaging is 100% paper based, 100% recyclable and reusable. We don’t buy plastic packaging at all, ever. We reuse all packaging that is sent to us by suppliers. Even the tape we use to seal your parcels is paper-based. All of our cards and leaflets are printed on raw, recycled, untreated paper, using eco-dyes.


We are a living wage employer


In working with suppliers, we always request that shipments and goods are packaged as responsibly as possible, and where unnecessary excess packaging can be omitted, it is.


Excess cardboard boxes and packaging create unnecessary waste, on which we endeavour to cut down as much as possible. By reducing packaging, we subsequently reduce the volumetric weight and thus the carbon footprint of each item shipped to us by suppliers, and in turn of each item we ship to our customers.


We always try to work with suppliers and manufacturers whose ethics mirror that of own business. This means sourcing goods manufactured in ethically managed factories; from brands who work within the EU; it means supporting manufacturers who support their workers and offer fair wages and working conditions; it means trying to source products that use organic fibres. It has even meant ending relationships with suppliers who will not accept their own social and environmental responsibilities.


We can always do more, and we’re always striving to do our best. We’re not just responsible for ourselves - we have a responsibility to each other and to the place we call home.