Top Tip Tuesday Video - TICKS


Let's look at how TICKS apply to carrying.


T - TIGHT, a loose carrier or sling can cause baby to slump. Always ensure everything is adjusted tight and secure.


I - IN VIEW, ensure that no fabric or clothing covers babies face. If using a hood, only cover one side.


C - CLOSE ENOUGH TO KISS, try to get baby as a comfortable height above breast tissue.


K - KEEP CHIN OFF CHEST, Older babies and children are able to do this, but newborns and small babies need help. You can lift babies chin with two fingers and position higher to open airways.


S - SUPPORTED BACK, A sling or carrier must always support babies natural position, either a nice C curve or a J position for older babies depending on age and development.


If you have any questions about safe babywearing feel free to get in touch. We have trained consultants available to discuss any queries.