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Ring Slings     POSTED BY BETH   |   17.04.17


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Here at LTBN HQ we really love ring slings, and we know that lots and lots of you do too. They're easy to use, great for newborn snuggles as well and those quick up-and-downs with toddlers, and they fold up nice and small to fit easily in a bag.


My partner-in-sling-fun (and funnily enough my DH) did not always love the ring sling. Colin is a Carrying Consultant himself, so I'm sure he won't mind me telling you all that it wasn't love at first use. When at first he didn't get it, he gave up. Fair enough says I. But with a little gentle persuasion and some very good advice *insert winky here* he soon found the ring sling love. It's been his go-to sling option for a long time.


If like Colin you don't see the attraction of ring slings (common issues include getting the sling 'just right', and discomfort with the weight of the sling only on one shoulder), there are a few things to remember that will help you adjust your ring sling really nicely:


 Use the pouch to set the seat - some call it a perch, a rope, or a band - use it by setting it behind baby's knees, in a straight line from one knee to the other. This will help create that nice deep seat that you want.


 Only walk just enough fabric up baby’s back, i.e. only just enough to the bottom of baby's neck.


 When adjusting the fabric (either up baby's back or through the rings), always try to lift baby's weight - imagine you're doing the robot dance - your arm is bent at the elbow so that your forearm is in a horizontal line and parallel with baby's bottom. Supporting baby in this way will ease the pressure of the fabric in the rings of the sling, allowing it to be more easily adjusted.


 Always work any excess fabric from around your back towards the rings.


 Adjust the excess fabric through the rings in a horizontal motion - going in the direction the fabric has come from. The fabric will move through the rings with much greater ease.


These tips aren't an exclusive or exhaustive list - if you have a system or method that works for you (obviously, safely ;-) ), then great!


Ring slings don't have to be the proverbial one trick pony (poor pony, why a pony?) - there are many carrying options with a ring sling. In the photos below, we have a full front carry, a hip carry and a hip carry with a shoulder flip rings at the back.


Ring Sling Front Carry
Ring Sling Front Carry
Ring Sling Front Carry



I truly hope you’ve enjoyed our little foray into ring slings together. If you're considering a ring sling as a carrying option then yay! Do you have any questions? Ask us! No-one knows our carriers better than we do!


Happy baby carrying!

Ring Sling Front Carry




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