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Nahui Coconi Sunflower Ring Sling

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Brand new and exclusive to us, Nahui Coconi produce truly artisanal, handwoven ring slings. This model is Sunflower, an exquisite ring sling in shades of orange, yellow, green, blue, red and grey, woven on a traditional pedal loom.

Part of the Bloom Eternity Collection inspired by Frida Kahlo.

Handwoven artisanal ring slings ideal from newborn to toddler; woven art from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Nahui Coconi is the collective dream of 4 Mexican women, babywearing consultants and mothers. Their dream was to create beautiful handwoven woven wraps and spread their love for babywearing.

We are honoured to bring this woman-led, female-centred brand to Europe.

These ring slings aren't just handwoven; they are a product of ancestry, of skills kept alive, creative, innovative and artisanal.

Woven by truly skilled artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico, these exquisite ring slings proudly reflect not only Mexican culture and tradition, but the world around us. These aren't just regular ring slings - these are the product of true artistry.

This traditional weave is known as Labrado Cocol. It is a complex weave, only achievable by expert weavers.

The fabric is unlike anything we have seen or felt before, and we've seen a lot of slings over the last 13 years! It's a silky, flexible fabric that gives great support.

Nahui Coconi Sunflower Ring Sling - Key Features


 Suitable from newborn to toddler.

 Made from 100% cotton.


 Colours - rainbow (orange, yellow, green, blue, red and grey,).

 Weight - approx 240g/m².

 Dimensions - 72cm wide, 220cm long.

 Part of the Bloom Eternity Collection inspired by Frida Kahlo.

 Bias cut.

 Includes warranty and instructions.

 Machine washable, 40C, low spin, no tumble.


In order to create these traditional weaves, a special loom was manufactured, mounted at a double-width, for which a total of 2100 threads make up the 'skeleton' of the main base for weaving. The weaving technique used is called "full count" and double rework, which guarantees that the thread does not break and in case of accidental breakage there is no tear in the fabric.

The unique fabric used in each of their pieces is called "labrado". Once finished, the fabrics are sent to the "Tórculo", a huge press with wooden rollers lined in leather, which iron them to make them softer in hand.

The tórculo is an ancient machine that has been traditionally used to iron rebozos and gives the fabric its softness and shine.

The tórculos used to soften the wraps is almost 100 years old, and is one of only two tórculos that currently exist in Mexico.

There are few truly skilled artisanal weavers remaining. In supporting Nahui Coconi, we are helping to support, preserve and highlight the history, knowledge and culture of the people of Oaxaca and Mexico.


Brand Story

Nahui Coconi, Oaxaca, Mexico


Nahui Coconi

4 friends, 4 advisers, 4 mothers and entrepreneurial women, with a common dream - a dream aimed at more families carrying their babies.

A project that emerged as an idea and that little by little crystallised through 4 different personalities that complement each other perfectly. A special friendship with common values, complicity, trust, support and teamwork.

With this background they manufactured a special loom for the wraps; very few artisans are able to work with it, but they are lucky to have Don Javier - a craftsman who from the age of 6 learned pedal looms, not only for learning a trade, but for the great love of art, its culture and its traditions.

For Nahui Coconi it is an honour to work first-hand with knowledgeable artisans in the textile field, without neglecting the “Art, Love and Design” that distinguishes them and their designs so much.

The fabrics and wraps that Nahui Coconi produce are utterly exquisite!