ManyMonths Merino Elephant Hood

ManyMonths Merino Elephant Hood
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ManyMonths Merino Elephant Hood

These gorgeous cosy, soft and non-itchy hat-snood-hood-combo are just fabulous ♥

You know those days when hats just won't stay on?! But you need those sweet noggins kept warm and toasty?  Well, these Hoods are the perfect answer!

Made from stretchy, super-soft merino wool there's no need to worry about the cold as the Elephant hood will cover the head, neck, ears, chest and upper back.  Merino wool is unlike regular sheeps wool - it is non-itchy as merino wool has very similar keratin levels to human skin.

Perfect for covering little noggins when babywearing, especially on the back, as the Hoods are designed to stay on!  These super-Hoods are going on and staying on!

Available in two sizes: Charmer/Explorer 3-12 Months & Adventurer/Conqueror 1-4 Years-ish.

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