Didymos Didysling Lisca Petrol

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Made from Lisca Petrol

Made from the Lisca Petrol wrap, this DidySling features the Lisca herringbone pattern woven in a combination of petrol and natural.

Woven from pure, organic cotton, it is soft straight from the box.

The Details

 Material: 100% Organic Cotton

 Surface Weight: 210 g/m2.

 Colour:Natural, Petrol.

 Wash: Up to 60°C, Gentle Cycle, Slow Spin Speed.

 Age of child: From birth.

When carrying your child, the weight should be evenly distributed across your shoulder and back. Each ring sling comes with full instructions.

Perfect when you want the support of a wrap with the simplicity of a ring sling. Great for newborns and bigger babies who are at the 'up and down' stage.

Didymos Ring Slings are suitable from birth. Adjust the ring sling before welcoming baby in, and pull the wrap fabric rails horizontally to tighten.