Cold Weather Carrying

Beth at Love To Be Natural     POSTED BY BETH   |   25.10.17



Babywearing In Cold Weather



So it's cold and damp and windy, and getting out with baby in your sling or carrier takes a little bit more thought and effort.


But there are a few things you can do to stay as comfortable as possible when carrying (this list isn't exhaustive; if you have your own top tip, please do share).


• Keep as few clothing layers between you and baby as possible.  Babies regulate their temperature best when they are closest to you. The natural heat exchange between you both occurs best with fewer, lighter layers (natural fibres help too).


• Avoid bulky coats and snowsuits on baby: such bulky layers can lead to baby overheating (definately try to avoid this), particulary in younger babies. Older babies can end up with a layer of sweat against their skin which can leave them chilled.


• Pay extra attention when putting baby in your carrier. Imagine baby in a coat, then imagine you are wrapping them, or lifting the panel of a baby carrier up their back - (visualise the process) - the coat will often end up riding up baby's back and sitting higher than normal. When baby then relaxes or falls asleep their face could potentially be completely obscured by the coat, and their airway could become compromised.


• Avoid snowsuits - it's very difficult to achieve that lovely soft, open, raised knee position in a snowsuit - it just doesn't allow for the flexibilty of baby's limbs, and doesn't respect their physiology.


• It's amazing how warm you both stay when carrying, especially when walking and being out and about.  Baby's trunk will stay toasty warm, especially younger babies in stretchy wraps - remember to count the layers of a sling as layers of clothing!


• Be aware of extremities - I know this sounds obvious, but when the weather turns icy, or when it's that chilly damp weather that clings to your bones, remember to cover up little noggins (something that covers the ears too if it's windy), hands if they're exposed, and the lower legs and feet.  Think an extra pair of socks/leggings/tights/legwarmers - anything that will add warmth and can be removed if needed.


• Layer up around you both. There are lots of options - a shawl / cape / larger coat or cardigan, or a carrying specific garment (such as a carrying cover or coat); anything that can be layered over you both and taken off you both.


• Have fun! There's no better place for your little one to experience the change of the seasons - the colours, sights & smells - than from the comfort of a sling, tucked up all snug right next to you.


Happy carrying!