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Free UK Delivery on Orders £50+
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Benefits of Babywearing

Beth Beaney - the Executive Babywearing Consultant at Love To Be Natural

by , Executive Babywearing Consultant & Co-Founder, LTBN


Today I want to tell you about the amazing benefits of babywearing, of which there are loads. And not just for your baby, oh no, but for you too!

And it's not just about managing to make a cup of tea and drink it whilst it's hot, I'm talking about PROFOUND benefits (although a lonely, forgotten-about, cold cup of tea on the counter is a pretty miserable sight; tear-jerker right there for sure). 

No, I'm talking about benefits that are all pretty mind-blowing tbh.

I'll split it into the top benefits for your baby and the top benefits for you. So let's take a look, shall we?


That's me and the youngest in the pic above. It's a pretty cute pic if I do say so myself. She'd been carried since she was a tiny tot, so she was pretty used to being in a sling, to put it mildly.

For those of you that are interested, I'm carrying her in a woven wrap - Didymos Mosaic to be precise - and the type of carry is a triple reverse hip carry with an extended seat and a double shoulder backflip (and a perfect landing). Nah, it's a Robin's hip carry.

The benefits of carrying her in a sling, to both her and I... well, they were huge, especially when you consider that I had 3 of her older siblings to look after. The connection we have to this day is profound - I think that comes over in just this one pic.

Anyway, onward - let's look at some of the specific benefits of babywearing, starting with the benefits for your baby, and then I'll look at the benefits for you.

Ready? Good, let's start.


Benefits For Your Baby


1. Helps Your Baby Sleep


Babywearing helps your baby fall asleep and sleep more deeply.


See that baby in the pic above? They're fast asleep. And mum is drinking a cup of coffee. Bonus!

Babies need lots of sleep. Fact. Some babies get fussy when they're over-tired or away from their parents. You can help your baby relax for a nap by keeping them close in a sling. They'll sleep deeper and be more content when they know they're next to you.

Your touch and presence will have a soothing effect on your baby. When they're less stressed, they're less likely to cry. Instead of getting fussy before a nap, you can rock them to sleep in a baby sling or baby carrier.

Meanwhile, hearing your baby cry less can benefit you, too. As a new parent, you certainly don't need any additional sources of stress!

Instead, you can have peace of mind that your baby is watched over constantly, even as they sleep.

In fact, sleeping next to you can help your baby regulate their breathing.


2. Reduces Risk of Plagiocephaly

Many parents are concerned about their babies developing flat head syndrome. Also known as plagiocephaly, this syndrome develops when your baby stays on their back too long. It's not only when they sleep.

Your child could also develop plagiocephaly while they're in a:

- Car seat

- Buggy

- Swing

- Bouncy seat

Premature babies have a higher risk because their skulls are softer than those of full-term babies.

If your child develops plagiocephaly, you might notice the back of their head is flatter on one side. They could have less hair on that part of the head as well.

One of the benefits of babywearing is the decreased risk of plagiocephaly for your baby, as they are kept in an upright position and there is no pressure on their little head.


3. Keeps Your Baby From Crying


Didymos Didysling Chili


Carrying your baby more often reduces how often they cry. In one study, infants who were carried more often cried 43% less.

The more often your baby cries, the more stress they'll experience. Stress increases a hormone called cortisol. Too much cortisol could impact their neural development.

Your baby could develop behaviour problems or a stress-related disease when they get older. Meanwhile, toxic stress can shorten a person's lifespan.

You can reduce your baby's risk of producing excess cortisol by holding and carrying your baby from early in their infancy.

One of the benefits of carrying a newborn is reduced colic risk as well. Babywearing can keep your baby calm, and human contact can help them cry less as well.

If your baby is colicky, you might feel the need to try anything for a few minutes of quiet, so holding your baby against your chest in a sling often eases the symptoms of colic and helps them calm down.


4. Improves Social & Cognitive Development


Babywearing improves social and cognitive development as baby is involved in all the goings on of daily life.


Choosing to carry your baby in a sling means they're no longer left to their own devices. You won't have to worry about them sitting in a stroller or car seat unattended. Instead, you can give your baby the chance to become more socially engaged.

By putting them in a baby sling, they're more likely to take in the world around them. That includes you! Your baby will hear you talk to other people (or yourself!) more often.

(Me: Is it normal talking to myself?

Me: Yes it is.

Me: Oh, thank goodness.)

Hearing you talk can help their language skills and can help keep them stimulated as well.

If you have a premature baby the stimulation provided by babywearing can help with their development. Your baby will feel calm and loved, which could help them grow and gain weight.


5. Babywearing Feels Familiar to Your Baby


Babywearing feels safe and familiar to your baby and so they will be all the happier for it.


Your baby spent the last nine months staying close to you. They're accustomed to your heartbeat, breathing your internal gurgley noises. They're even used to how you sway when you walk!

The benefits of babywearing a newborn allow your baby to continue experiencing this sensation. They'll feel more comfortable as a result.

Babywearing also helps to regulate your baby's body temperature and heartbeat and prevents any fluctuations during the day.


What a list! Totally amazing right?!

I mean, I've been doing this whole babywearing thing for 15 years and I can honestly say that all these are true.

Next up are the top benefits for you, so let's look at those shall we?


Benefits for You


1.Freedom For You To Get Out & About


Babywearing allows you to easily navigate unfamiliar places, like if you're on holiday.


Babywearing gives you the freedom to get out and about, navigate unfamiliar places or rough terrain with ease - you know, those places where you just can't take a buggy.

Also: London, for example, has the highest proportion of single-parent families in the UK. In fact, about 2.9 million families (15%) are single-parent families. And about 86% of these families are single mothers.

Babywearing can give you the freedom and convenience you need. Of course, your first priority is your baby. With a baby sling, that doesn't have to change.

Instead, you can take care of your baby and get whatever needs done, done!

Also, you're no longer limited to areas with space for a buggy. In fact, you can leave the buggy at home! You have the freedom to get out and about, navigate unfamiliar places or rough terrain with ease.

Whether you're on a crowded pavement, at the shopping centre, or want to go for a hike, you have the ease and convenience of your baby sling.

Some find it's easier to exercise and lose weight when they're enjoying the benefits of babywearing, too.

And it's even beneficial when you're at home. When you're no longer stuck in one room, you can move around the entire house as needed. You can go out for a walk and still hold your baby close. Either way, you're moving more often, which allows you to burn calories and any lingering baby weight.


2. Reduces Postnatal Depression


Babywearing helps you bond with your baby and as such reduces postnatal depression.


Postnatal depression can leave you feeling like you're living in a gloom. You can struggle to enjoy the moments with your baby you were looking forward to. Many women who struggle with postnatal depression feel guilty about neglecting their children.

You can fight that guilt by discovering the benefits of babywearing a newborn instead.

You won't have to feel like your baby is being cheated out of having a loving mother. Instead, your baby will experience close contact with you. They'll bond with you, even when you feel like some days are tough.


3. Makes Breastfeeding Easier


Babywearing makes breastfeeding a whole lot easier.


You might find it's difficult to breastfeed when you're not at home. Some mums use a blanket to cover up, but it can still prove challenging. With a baby sling, you can cuddle your baby against your chest with ease.

After all, they're already in the right spot!

You'll also have privacy built-in! Your baby can breastfeed whether you're at a restaurant or a friend's house without you feeling uncomfortable.

I remember being at a restaurant with the Hubs and my brother and sister in law when my first born was only something like 8 weeks old. And hey, as comfortable as I was breastfeeding in public, I didn't really want to do it in front of my brother. So sling to the rescue! The perfect cover. It meant that I could still feed my baby when he needed to be fed, without having to leave the table or feel uncomfortable.

In my experience, a sling is pretty much invaluable!


4. Saves Money


The majority of mothers in the UK said they changed their employment to take care of a child. If you're looking for ways to save money, you don't need to buy an expensive buggy.

Use a baby sling instead! Baby carriers are a great, cost-effective option, some of which last all the way from newborn right through to toddlerhood.


5. Great for Bonding


Babywearing is great for bonding.


One of the best benefits of babywearing for parents is that it can help you form strong bonds with your baby. You'll remain with your baby constantly, allowing you to talk or sing to them all you want.

Meanwhile, you'll constantly remain in-tune with your baby's needs.

Do you have older children as well? Carrying your new baby in a sling can make it easier for you to spend time with an older sibling. A sling can free up your hands, allowing you to hold another child as well.

A great example in the pic below - treating older siblings to a day out, but having a newborn in tow. Carrying baby in a sling allowed me to take care of and pay attention to said baby, but freed me up to pay attention to the other children.


5. Encourages Milk Supply


Holding your baby skin-to-skin and carrying them in a sling can benefit your milk supply. Constant contact with your baby can remind your body it has a job to do. You might feel able to nurse more frequently and for a few minutes longer than normal.


Benefits of Babywearing Summary

So taking the multitude of benefits into account - why would you not carry your baby in a sling?!

I honestly don't know how any parent copes without one.

The bottom line is that using a sling is liberating, empowering and wonderful - all at the same time!

I've said for many years that in my experience carrying your baby is normal - it's the shared experiences, emotions and memories you'll make together that make it special. And these will last a lifetime.

So the top takeaway? Carry your baby!

I hope you found this article helpful. Please get in touch or email me - - if you'd like any further info on the benefits of babywearing or babywearing in general.


Beth Beaney - the Executive Babywearing Consultant at Love To Be Natural

Beth Beaney is the Founder of and Executive Babywearing Consultant at LTBN. She's been a qualified babywearing consultant for 12 years, and has helped thousands of families from all over the world and of all needs carry their babies safely and comfortably. Find her on Twitter @lovetobenatural_LTBN