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Best Summer Baby Carriers & Slings 2024

Beth Beaney - the Executive Babywearing Consultant at Love To Be Natural

by , Executive Babywearing Consultant & Co-Founder, LTBN


It may not quite be summer yet, but hey - it's on the way! Listen - babywearing in summer is absolutely fab - there's honestly nothing better than being out in the sunshine with your little one in a sling, chatting away and having fun together, pointing out the sights and sounds, soaking up the vitamin D.

Takes a little bit of extra thought and effort though when babywearing in summer like (on account of the fact you'll both likely be sweaty messes), but don't let that put you off - choosing the right baby carrier can make all the difference!


Summer is fun, I love summer; although having said that, anything over 20C I find a bit melty.

And that's even before I even start babywearing haha! So let's say that summer is fun except when it's really, really hot.

But in my experience there's nothing better than being out in the sunshine with your little one in a sling, jibber-jabbering away to each other and having fun together, pointing out the sights and sounds, soaking up the vitamin D.

But it does take a little bit of extra thought and effort when babywearing in summer and choosing the right baby carrier can make all the difference to the comfort and happiness in the moment for each of you.

A too hot baby is a grumpy baby (and a too hot mama is a grumpy mama!) Oh yeah, been there, done that, more than once!

Babywearing in summer takes a little bit more thought and effort, and you can find our 8 top tips for babywearing in summer here.

Baby carriers that work well in summer and / or warmer weather generally speaking fall into 2 categories:

  1. those that are lighter / less structured, and therefore naturally cooler in themselves, and;
  2. those that have been specifically designed for babywearing in warmer weather (using a mesh fabric for the main panel, for example).

Now, just because a baby carrier has been designed for use in warmer weather doesn't mean that it's not a good carrier for your baby (in the sense of respecting their physiology and being comfortable and supportive for you).

Baby's back should still be soft yet supported; not stiff, not rigid. Their legs should be supported all the way along the thigh, to the knee pit. Their bottom should sit lower than their knees. Traditionally, this is called the ‘spread squat position’ or ‘M’ position. It is often defined now as the ‘hip healthy position’. Their head should be free and clear and unobstructed.

Baby carriers - both structured and unstructured - are versatile and relatively easy to learn. The key to choosing one that is good for babywearing in summer is to find one that naturally has less fabric in itself, or is made from lightweight fabric, or that has been specifically designed for use in summer, such as with a mesh or roll away panel.

Lighter carriers work well in warm weather as they weigh less, so the carrier itself is less bulk for you to carry; a lack of padding, or lighter padding means less foam and structure, which means less sweaty polyester and usually equals more breathable fabrics.

So all that aside, let's dive in and take a look at the top baby carriers and slings that are perfect for babywearing in summer!


Best Baby Carriers & Wraps For Summer And Hot Weather In 2024


1. Love & Carry One

Love and Carry One has a panel that can be rolled away to reveal a light and airy mesh panel to keep to cool


Newborn Suitable: Yes | Age Range: Newborn to 2 years | Forward facing: No | Back carry: Yes | Side carry: Yes.

Price - £129.95

Style - Buckle Carrier

Why We Love It - The Love & Carry One is an amazing baby carrier that’s going to last.

The Love & Carry One Carrier is a fantastic carrier - perfect from newborn to 2 years, and super for all-year-round babywearing.

It comes with extra lumbar-support, zippered pocket on the waistband; lower buckle attachment for cooler carrying with a newborn and is fully adjustable thanks to the width-adjustable body panel.

And the stand-out feature is, of course, the roll-away mesh panel to help keep you cool in warmer weather!

Made from 100% organic cotton and available in a great range of colours and designs, it is a premium, high quality baby carrier that will last and last and allow you to carry your baby in that all-important close-enough-to-kiss ergonomic position.

It’s one of our favourite buckle carriers ever!

It's great value - you can use it every day from birth all the way to 2 years old plus it’s the ultimate summer carrier. You can use it everywhere you go, from the supermarket to forest trails to mountain hikes and round the house.

Pro Tip - The Love & Carry One offers crossed straps ‘X’ and rucksack straps ‘H’. What we love most is the lower buckle attachment for younger babies - super comfy for baby and wearer and ultra-easy to use.


Shop the Love & Carry One


2. Love Radius Physiocarrier

Love Radius Physiocarrier - perfect for summer


Newborn Suitable: Yes (with insert) | Age Range: Newborn to 3 years | Forward facing: No | Back carry: Yes | Side carry: Yes.

Price - £124.95

Style - Buckle Carrier

Why We Love It - The Physiocarrier is easy-babywearing at its best. Easy to use and adjust. Doesn’t get simpler.

The award-winning Physiocarrier is an amazing all-year-round carrier. It can be used from newborn to 3 years old.

The  Love Radius Physiocarrier was the original mesh baby carrier with a roll-away panel that you can open up keep you both cool on warm days.

We all know that a too-hot baby can be a grumpy baby (although I'm pretty sure this applies to parents too!), so both of you being cool-as-a-cucumber is best.

Here's what we absolutely love about the Physiocarrier:

  1. 4 Seasons Thermo-Fit,
  2. Ergonomic, physiological position (hip healthy),
  3. Vented padding on waist & shoulders straps,
  4. Rear mirror for back carrying.

The roll-away panel is fantastic! Roll it up to reveal the mesh panel when you need it when it's warm, roll it back down when you're cool. This makes it a great all-year-round carrier, so whether you're having fun in the sun, or doing chores indoors, just unzip the panel, and you'll both be cooler in no time!

Pro Tip - The Physiocarrier offers crossed straps ‘X’ and rucksack straps ‘H’. We love that it can be used right up to 3 years so there's no need to upgrade to a toddler carrier!


Shop the Love Radius Physiocarrier


3. Marsupi Breeze

Marsupi Breeze. Made from a linen blend, it is ultra-light. Plus it's really easy to use as it has a velcro closure system.


Newborn Suitable: Yes | Age Range: Newborn to 12 months | Forward facing: No | Back carry: No | Side carry: No.

Price - £59.95

Style - Meh Dai / velcro fastening

Why We Love It - The Marsupi Breeze is as light-as-a-feather. The velcro fastening means there’re no buckles to reach and no fabric to tie - no guesswork. Simple and effective.

It's a refreshingly simple carrier made from organic cotton & linen means that it's amazing in summer and warmer weather.

As it has a velcro closure system, it’s an utterly brilliant carrier if you have issues with knots or buckles, have weak joints or mobility issues.

This means that it works a treat - it’s super-quick to put on and to adjust. There are no fiddly buckles to reach or knots to tie, just secure the velcro, and you're done.

We love that it’s so neat and lightweight - perfect for newborn carrying and perfect in warm weather. Your little one will be supported knee to knee, and to the nape of their neck.

From a sensory perspective, it can be a wonderful option, postnatally for mother and for baby too. It’s super-lightweight - the Breeze weighs only 400g. The padding is very light too, so it doesn’t feel bulky.

The Breeze is the lightest model; it’s a linen blend and comes in 3 sweet colours and the price-point is fantastic too.

Pro Tip: The Marsupi Breeze is amazing for smaller babies and offers super comfy crossed straps ‘X’ on the back. What we love most is how lightweight is, thanks to the pared-back design and linen fabrics.


Shop the Marsupi Breeze


4. Ergobaby Omni Breeze

Ergobaby Omni Breeze - rated number one in airflow tests , you're sure to be cool as a cucumber with this carrier.


Newborn Suitable: Yes | Age Range: Newborn to 2 Years | Forward facing: Yes | Back carry: Yes | Side carry: Yes.

Price - £179.95

Style - Buckle Carrier

Why We Love It - The Ergobaby Omni Breeze is Ergobaby’s best design yet! The overall design is much more ergonomic and offers a lighter, softer fit for baby. Lighter, easier to use and ultra-breathable.

The Ergobaby Omni Breeze is the ultimate breathable baby carrier - it has been rated #1 in airflow tests when tested with comparable carriers.

So if you're looking for a superb baby carrier, every part of which is completely breathable, then this is definitely the carrier for you!

In terms of specifics, the Ergobaby Omni Breeze is suitable from newborn to 2 years (around 7 - 33 lbs / 3.2 - 20.4 kg). There is no need for any inserts, thanks to the adjustable width and height of the seat area. It narrows across the width and height for younger babies and adjusts with them as they grow. So you know this is a high quality carrier that will last and last and will adapt to your growing baby.

The Omni can also be used in the world-facing (forward facing) position. This carrier is definitely expert recommended: if you want a carrier to use from birth, with the option of world-facing positioning, that is completely breathable, then the Ergobaby Omni is a superb option.

The unique diamond shape mesh fabric covers most of the carrier, and there are foam cut outs in the waistbelt and lumbar support to maximise breathability, so this is as cool as it gets when babywearing!

Pro Tip - The Omni Breeze is the best Ergobaby Carrier on the market. Superior design and fit make it great for baby and the option of crossed straps ‘X’ and rucksack straps ‘H’ on the back make it great for you.


Shop the Ergobaby Omni Breeze


5. Minimonkey Baby Carrier

The Minimonkey mesh baby carrier


Newborn Suitable:Yes | Age Range: Newborn to 2 Years | Forward facing: No | Back carry: Yes | Side carry: No.

Price - £119.95

Style - Buckle Carrier

Why We Love It - The MiniMonkey Baby Carrier is an ultra-lightweight carrier made from 100% recycled mesh that's perfect from newborn - toddler.

Newborn - toddler (2 yrs / 15kg).


100% recycled.

Front & back carry.

Exceptionally comfortable & easy to use.

Quick drying - use in the shower or pool.

Pro Tip

We love the MiniMonkey as it combines comfort and ease of use with practicality and eco credentials. It's really lightweight, it works newborn to toddler and is really practical - it dries really quickly so can be used in the shower or pool. Perfect for taking with you on holidays!

Shop the Minimonkey Baby Carrier


6. Najell Rise

Najell Rise Baby Carrier


Newborn Suitable: Yes | Age Range: Newborn to 2 Years | Forward facing: Yes | Back carry: Yes | Side carry: No.

Price - £144.95

Style - Buckle Carrier

Why We Love It - It's so easy to use and it can be put on in about 5 seconds!

You can also quickly switch between the three different carrying positions by yourself. Forget about complicated additional settings to remember when switching positions or when it's time for another person to take over the carrying. Just 100% focus on easy, lightweight, and comfortable ergonomic carrying for you and your baby!

The fabric is a lightweight airmesh that’s perfect for summer carrying.

Pro Tip

We love how quickly this carrier can be put on! It’s unbelievably easy and ultra-fast.


Shop the Najell Range


7. Didymos Didyfix Toddler Carrier

Didymos Didyfix Toddler Carrier


Newborn Suitable: No | Age Range: 1-4 Years | Forward facing: No | Back carry: Yes | Side carry: Yes.

Price - £139.95

Style - Buckle Carrier

Why We Love It - This toddler carrier is amazing lightweight! It’s robust and comfy, even up to 4 years of age, but can be rolled up neat and tidy and popped in a bag.

In my experience as both a Babywearing Consultant & a mother, getting around with a toddler is infinitely easier with a carrier!

Yes, they may be able to walk, but they certainly can't walk for long; they tire and get grumpy. This is when you need a carrier - the adventuring doesn’t have to stop! Your toddler can rest or nap whilst on your back and ultimately, they'll be a happier child for the little reconnect and nap.

For lightweight, summer toddler carrying, we love & recommend the DidyFix Toddler Carrier

It’s a great fit on both smaller and larger frames and is super-comfy. A great option for cool-as-a-cucumber back carrying.

Pro Tip

We love that the DidyFix can be used with younger toddlers right up to 4 years! The height and width are fully adjustable to ensure a super-comfy fit.


Shop the Didyfix


The Best Ring Slings For Babywearing in Summer

I also wanted to mention ring slings as an option for babywearing in summer.

ring sling is a wonderful option for babywearing in warmer weather as it's actually the lightest weight, smallest, least bulky sling you can get. They're ultra-breathable as most are made from pure cotton.

Ring slings are suitable from newborn (even early baby) and can be used well into toddlerhood, so they're really economical.

Given that they're so small and made from cotton (and have no padding etc), they fold up really small and are easy to take with you. This makes a ring sling great for summer days out and picnics etc. - it's always on hand if you need it, and it can double-up as a little blanket or a cover if you need it.

A single layer carry, there's less fuss, less fabric, less effort to get baby in the sling and secure. It's a lighter sling for you and for baby, and from a sensory perspective, it makes coping with the heat a little easier for both of you. As they are lighter, they tend to dry very quickly, so are ideal for washing and drying quickly.

There's lots of information on the website on choosing a ring sling, using a ring sling and laundering them. Check out our other blog posts on ring slings, carrying information, style guide and buying guide. If you have a specific question, chat to us by email or hit the orange chat button below!


1. Didymos Didysling

Didymos Didysling Prima Aurora


Didymos Didyslings are made from organic cotton and can be found in lots of different designs and colours. Did you know we are the UK & Ireland’s largest stockist of the Didymos Didysling? We always have lots of designs in stock.

To really stay as cool as possible, choose lighter-weight slings, or more open weaves and lighter or paler colours. There are lots of neutral-toned designs available too. A wonderful option for newborn and toddler-carrying, and particularly great in warm weather!

There’s a huge selection which can seem overwhelming, and that’s where our expert team of babywearing consultants shine! Ask us for advice, or for help breaking down the selection.


Shop the Didymos Didysling


2. Minimonkey Minisling

Minimonkey Minisling


Now this is where you can really get ready for summer! The Mini Sling is a mesh ring sling-style carrier - it was basically made for the summer!

If you're looking for a carrier that's small, ultra-light and is easy to take with you, look no further than the Minimonkey Mini Sling.

This extremely compact sling is as light as a mobile phone, making it perfect for using either at home or on holiday. It's easy to use, ergonomic, comfortable and adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit for your little one. This is the smallest, lightest baby carrier in the world, so is absolutely perfect for using during those special family adventures at the beach or the pool during the summer.

It's so light that it dries really quickly, so can be used at the beach or the pool or even in the shower. It'll be dry again in no time.

You can of course use it at home too!

The mesh fabric means that the sling itself is ultra-light and airy - perfect for babywearing in warm weather.

Plus, it folds up into a little pouch, so it's great for taking with you on the go - perfect for those 'I wish I'd brought a baby carrier with me' moments!


Shop the Minimonkey Minisling


3. Little Frog Ring Slings

Little Frog ring slings


Budget-friendly and ultra-popular woven wrap ring slings made to OEKO-TEX standard they work well is summer as they're lovely and light.

We love Little Frog Ring Slings and have done so since we first introduced them to the UK market over a decade ago.

One of the most pocket-friendly options available but, honestly, you really wouldn’t know it - they are absolutely, 100%, blooming awesome! Excellent designs and superb quality; they are one of the most popular slings in the UK and Ireland today.

There’s a fantastic choice too - stripes and jacquards are the most popular. The striped designs are the thinnest and lightest options and perfect from newborn to toddler for babywearing in summer.

The jacquards are perfect for babies all the way to preschool (think quick ups and downs).

Each is made from woven wrap fabric and  is dyed and woven in the EU to OEKO-TEX standard, so you know you're getting a sling that contains no harmful nasties and is safe for both you and your baby.

We are also the UK & Ireland’s largest stockist of Little Frog ring slings & woven wraps. We always lots of designs in stock and plenty to choose from.


Shop Little Frog Ring Slings


I hope you found this article helpful. Please get in touch or email me - - if you'd like any further info on babywearing in summer and when it's warm, babywearing in general, or advice on any products at all.


Beth Beaney - the Executive Babywearing Consultant at Love To Be Natural

Beth Beaney is the Founder of and Executive Babywearing Consultant at LTBN. She's been a qualified babywearing consultant for 12 years, and has helped hundreds of families of all needs carry their babies safely and comfortably. Find her on Twitter @lovetobenatural_LTBN