Grapat Autumn Nins®

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Part of the Seasons Series, the Autumn Nins set contains 3 Nins, 3 Nins with hats, 3 mates, 9 rings, and 9 coins in Autumnal colours of green, orange, red and brown.

The pieces themselves encourage open-ended play for your child given that they can be anything your child decides them to be at any particular moment in time, or in any particular game or imaginary world they are creating. The pieces and their colours allow your child to experience and appreciate the many ways in which the nature of their environment evolves and changes throughout the year.

Each set in the Seasons Series evokes a season and its elements are impregnated with colours that represent the cycle of life and the passage of time.

The materials themselves have purpose - wood is natural and warm. In the hand the soft forms inspire and the textures soothe.

The pieces are also an excellent loose-part resource for incorporating into other games and for use with other toys.

This Waldorf-inspired set will entrance and entertain from 12 months to 100 years!

Grapat Autumn Nins®- The Details


 Hand-crafted in Spain.

 Wood from sustainable forests.

 Water-based stain.

Comprises 3 Nins height 65mm, 3 Nins with hats height 70mm, 3 mates height 45mm, 9 coins width 48mm, and 9 rings width 48mm.

 No plastic packaging.

Age: 12+ months.


Grapat Wooden Toys



Brand Story

Grapat, Catalonia, Spain.


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Grapat is a small family project that materialized from leaving the city to live in a natural environment. However, the idea began to grow many years ago, during the first 3 years of the owners' eldest daughter. She had almost no toys and that led them to consider the need for children to even have them. They allowed her to use everyday objects, they opened kitchen cupboards, and allowed books to become roads, and scarves to be transformed into huts.

The whole ethos behind Grapat is free play, loose parts, open and unstructured materials which transform into what children decide and which are the expressions of their imaginations at that moment in time. They are materials without instructions, the only premise is to let children play, without time, slowly. Wood is a material that incites, invites, causes the creation of diverse worlds which are fantastic, realistic and yet entirely imaginary.