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Mamalila Wool Hooded Coat Vienna Review

Beth Beaney - the Executive Babywearing Consultant at Love To Be Natural


by , Executive Babywearing Consultant at LTBN

Mamalila Wool Hooded Coat Vienna Review


The Mamalila Wool Hooded Babywearing Coat is a super-stylish, super-versatile coat. It can be used during pregnancy, when baby carrying (on the front and back) and even on its own as a gorgeous, high quality wool coat. It's an absolute classic and the perfect combination of design and function - it's naturally climate regulating and dirt repellent - amazing!


I have to say, I do love the cold weather. Who doesn't love a winter wonderland of frosty mornings, watching your breath travel slowly through the cold air, as if it too can can feel the chill.

But it's not quite fun all of the time; it's not little-red-robin-perched-on-a-snowy-post cold. We live on a damp island just a stones throw from the Arctic circle. It's damp; really cold and damp.

The sky is sitting 3 inches above your head, for what feels like forever. You feel like you haven't been properly dry in an age. You feel like the cold is actually radiating from inside your marrow. It's like you've been caught in a chapter from Hound of the Baskervilles, just minus the big beastly dog.

Now I'm no Sherlock, but even my powers of deduction lead me to a most stylish conclusion - the Mamalila Hooded Wool Coat Vienna.


Nothing keeps out the bone-chill of a damp winter, like wool does. Performance-wise, wool is the best fibre for our weather.


A woman with long brown hair smiling at her baby whom she is carrying in a sling on her front whlist wearing the Mamalila Vienna Wool Hooded Coat
The Vienna Jacket is as stylish as it is warm


One of the highlights in the range of babywearing jackets from Mamalila, Let me start by saying this coat is amazing. Amazing quality, amazing style, amazing warmth. Nothing keeps out the bone-chill of a damp winter, like wool does. Performance-wise, wool is the best fibre for our weather.

Wool fibres have natural properties that can out-perform synthetic fibres on every level. Wool products last longer, require less frequent washing - sometimes no washing at all, like the Vienna. Wool is readily recyclable and also is biodegradable in both land and water and so does not contribute to any micro plastic pollution.

The outside is 100% boiled wool - a natural temperature regulator and amazing dirt repellent in its own right. This is complimented by a windproof lining, making it a super-warm, super-stylish, super-versatile coat, allowing you to look really good, together. And all this whilst you're pregnant, babywearing, and going solo, in all kinds of weather!

Wool keeps you dry, even when it’s wet. It keeps you warm when it’s cold, but is breathable too. Water-repellent and windproof, it’s natures performance fibre.


Mamalila Wool Hooded Coat


The photos above were taken at the start of winter - I've had this coat for 10 years, and the 'baby' on my back is nearly 4 years old! So that gives you a good idea of how long this coat will last you.

The Vienna is my ‘go-to’ winter coat. I wear it solo all winter. I’ve never changed up to the newer design (even with all its improvements!), as there’s no need. This coat looks the same as the day it was first worn. The styling is timeless and it takes very little care to keep it looking this good - which is exactly what I need.


Mamalila Wool Hooded Coat Vienna Grey


A woman wearing the Mamalila Wool Hooded Coat Vienna Grey outdoors in a field


Customers have told us that it's been their best baby purchase - you can read reviews and find out more about the Mamalila Wool Coat here.

Or if you have a question about it, just pop us an email or hit the orange button on the bottom right. We love answering your questions and we know this coat inside out!

Much love and happy baby carrying!