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Grimm's Toys

The inspiration behind Grimm's is simple - to create wooden toys with a simple and reduced design. Combined with beautiful rainbow colouring and a naturally textured surface, they are suited to children of all ages, and are played with over and over again.

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Grimm's Wooden Toys


These Waldorf inspired toys are perfect to encourage creative, open ended play. Popular items include the Grimm's 12 Piece Rainbow and the Large Stepped Pyramid.


Children are encouraged into deep play through the simple design and unstructured nature of the toys, including rainbow stackers, wooden blocks, puzzles and graspers, and friends peg dolls.


Grimm's toys allow free play - one day the toy is a tunnel, the next it's a rollercoaster, the next, who knows! Children will find all sorts to do with wooden toys and are only limited by their imaginations; younger children will colour match, count and arrange, and older children will create elaborate structures and add to imaginary scenes.


Grimm's toys are handcrafted in Europe, made from locally sourced wood, and are stained with natural water-based paints and oils.


Grimm's Toys themselves are headquartered in Hochdorf, Germany, and all the design work, the surface finish and treatment, assembly, quality control, packing and shipping is undertaken in-house.


Most of the products are sanded by hand, which gives them a different look and feel versus machined products, allowing the grain, colour, lustre, texture, and macro-structure of the wood to really shine through and make each piece really unique and beautiful. They're an absolute favourite with us and have been for many years.


What's So Special About Grimm's Toys?


The best thing about Grimm's toys is their versatility - what they are on any given day is only limited by your child's imagination. You'll find that many will be played with again and again, with your child incorporating them into their small-world games in many different ways. Indeed, even after this, some Grimm's pieces look great as ornamental pieces.


Are Grimm's Toys Worth It?


Yes, absolutely! They are exceptional quality, will last and last, and will be played with over and over. Many of the toys come in different sizes and different colours - rainbow, pastel rainbow, natural and monochrome.


What are Grimm's Toys


Grimm's produce naturally made wooden toys including puzzles, building blocks, baby rattles and stackers, vehicles and more. In 2013, Grimm's began producing their own line of Waldorf dolls.


What Wood Do Grimm's Use?


The wood used by Grimm's is only sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe. They use alder, lime, beech and maple wood.


Why are Grimm's Toys So Expensive?


When compared to run-of-the-mill plastic toys, wooden toys are naturally more expensive. This is because the raw wood material is more expensive initially and they are manufactured by hand, which obviously takes more skill and time.