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10 Top Tips For Babywearing In Summer

Beth at Love To Be Natural     POSTED BY BETH   |   11.06.18



So the weather is definitely summery and it's turned hot. In this heat, it's hard not to 'glow' (my French teacher once chastised me for using the term sweat - she would always say 'pigs sweat, men perspire & woman glow'). Glowing or not, I freely admit to being a sweaty bundle in this heat - and when carrying babies in slings, you get to carry another little sweaty bundle too!

But there are a few things you can do to stay as comfortable as possible when babywearing, and there are some carriers that are more suited to carrying in warm weather, which I talk about below.


Ring Slings


A ring sling can be a wonderful option in warmer weather. As a single layer carry, there's less fabric. It's a lighter sling for you and for baby, and from a sensory perspective it makes coping with the heat a little easier. There's lots of information on the website on choosing a ring sling, using your ring sling and caring for it. Check out the other blog post on ring slings, carrying information, style guide and buying guide. If you have a specific question, chat to us by email or using the chat function below!


Soul Ring Slings


Soul Slings Ring Slings - a wonderful light & airy ring sling option. Available in single layer, double layer & handwoven options. The single layer are the lightest option - they're super-breathable and dry on a line in no time at all!

Soul ring slings - great for babywearing in summer


Didymos Didysling


Didymos Didysling - there are lots of options with the Didysling - we have over 70 designs in stock! You can choose lighter-weight slings, or more open weaves and lighter/paler colours. There are lots of neutral-toned ring slings available too. A wonderful option for toddler-carrying!

Didymos Didyslings - great for babywearing in summer


You can see the full list of all our amazing baby ring slings here.


Meh Dais


If you'd prefer a two-shoulder carrier / sling, then consider a meh dai-style carrier. Most are made from woven wrap fabric, with very little, or no padding in the waist or shoulder straps. Less padding or no padding is usually cooler, and woven wrap fabrics are (usually for a meh dai) made from 100% cotton, so they're naturally breathable fabrics. Overall, the carriers are lighter and airier than buckled carriers.


Unpadded Meh Dais


The Didymos Meh Dai is a beautiful option for younger babies and toddlers. It's completely soft - there's no padding at all. It has wide shoulder straps, which you can use in different ways - fan it out across your shoulders, sandwich it to give a neater look and feel, or flip it (this really cups the shoulder). Being completely soft, it will also adapt to baby's growing form for years. A really smart option for carrying babies of different ages too. Our 3 year old, pictured here in Ada Malachite.

Top tip - when carrying a toddler, don't over-tighten the waist-belt. A little extra 'give' will allow you to adjust the panel all the way up their back, giving better coverage. Give the knees a little lift too to help deepen their seat and release the fabric. Available in lots of designs and colours, all in GOTS certified organic cotton.


Didymos Meh Dai - great for babywearing in summer


Padded Meh Dais


The Girasol Mysol is a lightly padded option. On it's own, it's a meh dai-style carrier, and with the addition of the buckle belt, it becomes a half buckle carrier. The Mysol waist-belt is removable and can be threaded through the upper section of the body for younger babies, and in the lower section for older babies ( from around 9 months).

The MySol is made from two layers of woven wrap fabric, which nestles like a second skin around your baby, providing optimal support. The Mysol is suitable for your newborn and as they grow and grow; the body of the carrier is easily adjustable - it narrows in the width for younger babies. This is very important to promote a soft, supported position, respectful of a young baby’s physiology. Oh, and it's completely reversible, so it's like have 2 carriers in 1!


Girasol Mysol - great for babywearing in summer



10 Things You Need To Know About Babywearing In Summer


Feeling the heat? Here are some pro tips on staying cool whilst baby wearing in the heat:

  • drink or feed often, both of you;
  • if you can stay out of the sun, do, especially when it's at its peak;
  • remember that the sling is like a layer of clothing, so if you're wrapping, try single-layer carries, and keep as few layers between you as possible;
  • cover extremities - a sun hat with a wide brim, or a parasol for you both;
  • pop a muslin cloth between you and baby to help absorb any excess sweat.; you can also dampen it to help keep baby cool;
  • if possible, walk on the shady side of the street;
  • babies and children can become fractious in the heat (as can we!). Watch for these cues, take a break, get out of the heat, and cool down;
  • use sunblock where necessary and appropriate;
  • wear light layers, particularly natural fibres, as they are most breathable;
  • and lastly have fun and stay cool!