Stretchy Wrap Buy Back Initiative


Stretchy Wrap Buy Back Scheme


Stretchy wraps are a fantastic option for newborns and younger babies. That’s why they are so popular and why so many parents use them.

The stretchiness is why they are such a fantastic option - they are completely soft, mouldable and respectful of newborn physiology and your postpartum body.

This same stretch is also why they have a shorter time that they can be used - you can really only use a stretchy wrap up until 9 months - 1 year.

We always strive to be ethical and to be socially and environmentally responsible - so this is where our ‘Stretchy Wrap Buy Back Initiative’ comes in. Anyone who buys a stretchy wrap from us is eligible for the project.

By becoming part of this initiative you'll be helping families in need, as well as reducing waste and recycling.


Here's How It Works


Once you and your baby are finished with your stretchy wrap and are ready to move on to a different sling or carrier, we'll distribute it so it can be reused by families in need, and give you a £10 voucher to be used towards another sling. Here’s how it works:


  • 1. Just let us know when you're finished with your sling;
  • 2. We'll provide your return shipping label;
  • 3. Once we've received it and checked it over we'll send you a £10 voucher to be used against another sling or carrier;
  • 4. We'll then distribute your stretchy wrap to a family in need to use it.


If you're ready and would like to be part of this initiative you can let us know using the button below; remember to include your full name and your original order number.