SlingyRoo RR Pacifico

SlingyRoo RR Pacifico

SlingyRoo RR Pacifico

SlingyRoo RR Pacifico - completely adjustable straps; beautiful woven wrap fabrics; an awesome bag for all occasions.
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SlingyRoo RR Pacifico

This SlingyRoo bag is made by Wearababy of Finland.

An absolutely awesome bag that you can use when you're carrying your baby, and just as versatile and gorgeous, when you're not! 

Made from Wearababy woven wrap fabrics - this design is the super-cool double rainbow with a blue weft .


♥ Made from woven wrap fabric.

♥ Straps are completely adjustable to just the right length for you, using the sling rings.

♥ Bag has a zipper closure - totally secure.

♥ Oodles of space inside - this bag is cavernous!

Bag Dimensions:

Width: approx. 42 cm

Height: approx. 36 cm

Max. length of the straps: approx. 145 cm

Width of the straps: approx. 15 cm

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Manufacturer Wearababy Girasol