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Review Of The Mamalila Softshell Babywearing Jacket

Beth at Love To Be Natural     POSTED BY BETH   |   23.06.18   |   Updated 15.02.19



The Amazing Mamalila Allweather Jacket


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Mamalila is a family-run company based in Germany. The premise was simple - if you wanted to go outside in bad weather whilst babywearing, then you needed a jacket that would keep you and your little one warm and dry; and so Mamalila was born, with family values and conntectedness at the heart of everything they do.

The point of the Mamlila Allweather Jacket is that it is very good of fulfilling a basic, everyday, babywearing problem - how to get out and about in all weather, when you carry your baby in a sling. Perhaps you don't have a buggy or pram, but you still need to get out to walk the dog, do the school run for an older sibling, or nip to the shops - things you can't put off just because it's raining.

The beauty of the jacket is that it comes with both a pregnancy and a babywearing insert. So you can start using it as your bump grows, whilst front or back carrying a baby or toddler in any kind of sling (woven wraps, buckle carriers, stretchy wraps, meh dais, ring slings), and then even after your baby has grown, just as a regular weatherproof jacket.

It may be a technical, functional jacket, but it is still feminine, with a properly cut waist and cuffs. There are other babywearing jackets on the market, but we've found they don't have quite the same quality or fit as the Mamalila Jacket; it's well-made with attention to detail. It has a removable, adjustable hood, toggles at the waist, and toggles at the hood on the babywearing insert. Plus it's easy to use, with high quality zippers, meaning the inserts zip in and out with ease.

For us, the Mamalila Allweather Jacket has been an integral part of our babywearing journey for the last 6 years (I say us, because DH has the men's version of the jacket). The pic above is me and schmoochy bear all wrapped up in a black version of the jacket. The jacket in this picture is 5 years old. Looks good as new, right? You bet! The new version is even better - the hood for baby is much bigger and has a better fastening system around baby's front. So why am I showing you a jacket that's 5 years old, and not the new one, I hear you ask? Because I don't need a new coat! This one will last as long as I can fit into it!!

This coat has seen us through 6 springs, 6 summers, and it's about to see us through our 7th autumn and winter. I've worn it through 2 pregnancies and I've now carried 2 babies whilst wearing it. It has kept us dry, warm, and dry and warm. We run fairly warm, and whilst carrying, the fine layer of internal fleece lining has been enough to keep us toasty roasty, even on the coldest days.

The technical details are below, but I feel there's nothing quite like hearing what a coat is like to wear every day, from someone who's worn it every day. For instance (now keep in mind that we’ve used and tried many other brands), the zippers always work. Every single time on every zip, front, back and pockets, they work every time.

The toggles which snug the coat in at the bottom and at the hoods, work every time, in and out, in and out. The seams stay dry, always, even when it' so wet you've forgotten what colour the sky truly is! And when you give the coat a shake and hang it up, it's dry in a jiffy, as the water simply beads off the high-quality Sympatex material.

Every time you wear it, it does exactly what you want it to, and performs as well as you need it to. Which is what you need, right? I mean you've already got a baby in a sling, who is perhaps fractious or upset; you don't need a coat that takes an engineering degree to work out how to use it, and then performs less than perfect when you're out in the rain.

Yes, it's a clever jacket and it works well, but one of the best things about it is how good it looks. I really like that it doesn't look like the bulky cagoule I wore in primary school. It has a tailored look - it cuts in at the waist and out to skim the hips. Even the cuffs are cut with attention to detail. Small things, but when you wear a coat every day, these small things matter.

I wore this jacket when I was pregnant, when I'm carrying my baby in a wrap, and I wear it on it's own (well not completely on it’s own - jeepers, that would be both awkward and uncomfortable for anyone who saw me!). When I'm not carrying a baby, and it looks absolutely awesome every time. The thin, mouldable outer has a really high-end look and feel, so it's just smashing on its own.

I'll be wearing this coat long after I stop carrying my babies- it's that good. Yes, it's a considered purchase, most definitely. But one that's absolutely worth it. But don't just take my word for it - it's been our best-selling jacket for the last 6 years, and we have over 150 five star reviews from customers raving about how great it is, from its quality to its functionality - you can read the reviews here.


Technical Details


Mamalila Hardshell Rain Jacket SPRING

Mamalila Hardshell Rain Jacket SUMMER

Mamalila Hardshell Rain Jacket AUTUMN

Mamalila Hardshell Rain Jacket WINTER

Mamalila Allweather Softshell Rain Jacket
Mamalila Allweather Softshell Rain Jacket


Functions & Features

The Mamalila Allweather Softshell jacket functions on two levels: firstly as a classic weather jacket, it's the perfect companion for all types of outdoor activities. Secondly it works as a mum and child jacket, and meets the unique demands of babywearing parents who still want to be active outdoors in all types of weather.

Mamalila Hardshell Rain Jacket WATERPROOF

Mamalila Hardshell Rain Jacket WINDPROOF

Mamalila Hardshell Rain Jacket BREATHABLE

Mamalila Hardshell Rain Jacket FC-FREE

 10,000mm water column for maximum rain protection.


 FC-Free skin and environmentally friendly coating.


 Taped seams and water-resistant zips.


 Completely windproof membrane, with soft fleece lining.

Mamalila Hardshell Rain Jacket
Mamalila Hardshell Rain Jacket

Integrated Head Support


A baby hood with a fully functional head support allowing baby’s head to be supported while sleeping, since often this function on the baby carrier cannot be utilized when the jacket is closed.

Mamalila Softshell Rain Jacket

Eco-friendly: Textiles Free Of Harmful Substances


The softshell babywearing jacket has a waterproof coating that makes raindrops form into pearls which in turn roll off the jacket like water off a duck’s back! mamalila only uses environmentally friendly FC-free coatings which can be biologically broken down so that no pollutants accumulate in the body or in nature.



Tip - these jackets run large, so if you're between sizes, please size down.

Mamalila Softshell Rain Jacket


All in all, the Mamalila Allweather Jacket is fantastic - not only is it clever and functional, it looks great, is well made, and is made to last. If you'd like to see more, you can find it here.

Happy baby carrying!

The Mamalila Allweather Jacket




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Mamalila Allweather Softshell Jacket


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