Newborn Buckle Carriers

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Newborn Buckle Carriers


Often marketed as the 'easy-to-use' sling option, buckle carriers come in lots of different styles and designs. Are they easy to use? That depends - for some people they work a treat, and they are exactly what they are looking for. For others, they turn out to be the 'not-so-easy' option, buckles too hard to reach, too much of a carrier.


When I purchased my first buckle carrier 10 years ago, I couldn't figure what went where - clips in here, reach round to there. So to help, let's start with a very basic infographic of the anatomy of a buckle carrier (by no means exhaustive). The beginning is usually a good place to start!


Anatomy of a buckler carrier


One of the most often talked-about sling topics is buckle carriers for newborns. Whether you like to use buckles with a newborn or not, it's fair to say that they do (quite rightly) hold an appeal for many parents, and in the last few years there have been several new carriers produced which are really rather excellent.


Given the huge choice of newborn buckle carriers, we've come up with this helpful infographic to let you see the relevant features of each to help you make an informed choice.


Best buckle carriers for newborns


Much love and happy newborn-carrying!

Beth Beaney