ManyMonths Merino Booties

ManyMonths Merino Booties - keep little legs & feet roasty toasty in super-soft, fine merino. Available in Winter Fjord Blue Charmer size only.
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ManyMonths Merino Booties

These gorgeous cosy, soft and non-itchy legwarmers-shoe-boot-combo are just fabulous ♥

You know those days when shoes and boots just won't stay on?! But you need those ickle tootsies kept warm and toasty?  Well, these Booties are the perfect answer!

With a stretchy double-knit layer of merino wool and a micro-fibre shell over the foot section, there's no need to worry about cold ankles, or trousers riding up.  Merino wool is unlike regular sheeps wool - it is non-itchy as merino wool has very similar keratin levels to human skin.

Perfect for covering little feet and legs when babywearing; for protecting little knees when crawling; these super-Booties are going on and staying on!

Available in: Charmer 3-6/9 Months.

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