Mamalila Men's Allweather Jacket Softshell Marine

Mamalila Men's Allweather Jacket Softshell Marine

Mamalila Men's Allweather Jacket is rainproof & windproof, has extra high breathability keeping you & your baby comfy all the time.
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Mamalila Men's Allweather Jacket Softshell Marine

Honest-to-goodness the BEST babywearing coats we've ever used 

So, you don't want to look like a pack donkey going on an Antarctic expedition - you want to like you're wearing a really good coat, which just happens to be able to accommodate your baby which case, this is the jacket for you.

Mamalila babywearing clothing is clever, cool, smart and meets the needs of both parent and baby, allowing you to look good together (it really is the most awesome looking jacket!). The Allweather Jackets can be worn with baby or even without baby ♥

The Men's Allweather Jacket is truly awesome - it is the perfect all-weather-all-year jacket. This jacket has a light fleece lining.  A hood for both wearer and baby keeps you both protected in the rain.

The Allweather jacket is rainproof and windproof, and has extra high breathability keeping you comfy all the time.

It is an incredibly versatile jacket that accommodates babies worn in different styles of carriers, as the height of the babywearing panel can be adjusted! The innovative design allows wearer and baby to both stay dry, even at areas of the collar, hood and babywearing insert. 



  • Carrying Insert, worn at the back or the front, transforms the jacket into a Babywearing Jacket.
  • Top quality SympaTex®Membrane for 100% protection against wind and rain.
  • Breathable with an inner fleece lining perfect for all seasons.
  • Sturdy, abrasion restistant and hardwaring fabric.
  • Carrying Insert fits up until apporx. 2 years of age
  • Adjustable width neck protection for baby.
  • Two side pockets + two breast pockets.
  • Waterproof pocket zips.
  • Wearer's hood is detachable when back carrying.
  • Wearer and baby hoods completely adjustable.
  • Adjustable arm cuffs.

For sizing information, please see chart in images.

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