Ling Ling d'amour P4 Orchid

Ling Ling d'amour P4 Orchid is a Full Buckle style carrier, with adjustable base for baby. Made from GOTS certified organic cotton.
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LING LING D'AMOUR P4 - a full buckle style carrier.

This carrier has a buckle waist and rucksack shoulder straps.

The full buckle has features that make it super-useable from around 4 months and up to around 3 years.

You can front & back carry using your P4.

Made from organic cotton (GOTS Certified) - we just LOVE this.

It’s a light yet sturdy and durable carrier made from woven wrap fabric. The waist is lightly structured with intermittent padding - It's not a continuous band of stiff foam! So it can be cinched really easily and smoothly, for smaller / younger babies.

The shoulder straps too, are lightly padded - not bulky at all.

The P4 has an adjustable base which can be cinched down to 20cm and up to 40 cm in width.

It can also be cinched at the sides to make the panel shorter or longer. 

A detailed instruction book comes with every carrier - step-by-step tying instructions for both front and back carrying methods.


♥ Suitable for babies from around 4 months (6kg) to about 3 years (15kg). 

♥ The P4 has a rollable headrest.

♥ Waist has intermittent padding.

♥ Made from 100% organic cotton wrap fabric.

♥ Adjustable base (20-40cm). 

♥ Adjustable sides (25-34cm)

♥ Buckle waist.

♥ Drawstring cinchers at either side of the main panel for extra snuggliness with smaller / younger babies.

♥ Shoulder straps are lightly padded.


Waist straps - ; Shoulder Straps - ; Body Panel - length: width: .

Tested and approved in laboratory tests to NF EN 13209-2 standard.

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