Kibi Carrier Princess

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A super-adjustable buckle carrier suitable from 4 months - 4 years.

The Kibi is a Soft Structured or Buckle Carrier.

It's true to say that I'm a sucker for a clever carrier that actually works.   The Kibi Carrier is not only super-clever in its design, it totally works too!

The Kibi is suitable from around 4 months to 4 years - I know what you're thinking, but it really, really is.

It works in the same way as any regular buckle carrier, there is a buckle waist, body panel and two shoulder straps. Simple and effective baby carrying.

It's a grower... in more ways than one! In a word, it's adjustable, super-adjustable. Check out the image on the left, you can see the width and height adjusters - very clever indeed. Not only is it super-adjustable for baby, it's super adjustable for you also. The waist belt cinches down to a minimum of 62cm and expands up to 140cm.

Kibi Carrier - The Details


Suitable from 4 months - preschool.

Made from breathable, lightweight cotton.

Ergonomic 'M-Position' seat.

Crossable shoulder straps.

Multiple ergonomic positions - carry your baby on your front and back.

Adjustable buckles, padded waistband & padded shoulder straps for you.

Extreme adjustability - to accommodate your growing baby, and any size of wearer.

Adjustable back panel from 34cm in height to 52cm in height, and 34cm in width to 51cm in width.

Super-soft leg and arm padding for baby.

Easy-to-adjust design for use between multiple wearers.

Removable sleephood & waist pocket.

Machine washable.


Isara Baby Carrier Pro Tip   Make sure you tuck baby's pelvis forward so that their bottom fills the base of the carrier, helping to ensure great positioning.


Kibi Carrier


Kibi Carrier


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