Je Porte Mon Bebe JPMBB Black

Je Porte Mon Bebe JPMBB Black

Je Porte Mon Bebe JPMBB Black

Je Porte Mon Bebe JPMBB Black
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Je Porte Mon Bebe JPMBB Black

An evening in April. We're sitting on a bench in the shadow of the Arc de Triomphe, just hanging out, after a long day 'seeing the sights.'

Then it started to rain. But he didn't move. It continued to rain. Still, he didn't move.

"Crikey", I think, "tell me he doesn't think this is romantic?"

"This is romantic, isn't it?" he croons.

No. It's wet. And now I'm cold. Call me a practical realist.

Like when you have a newborn and both of you know he's happiest being held, with his head on your chest (ahh the scent of their little heads ♥). But do you ever need to get things done! Same practical reality.

Enter the JPMBB - another Parisienne great!

Skipping on the bus, hands free. Pre-tied shopping trips. And snuggles! Liberating.

Feels good, doesn't it?

Quite simply, the JPMBB is awesome.

You want to carry your baby; you want to keep them close and secure. You want the soft mouldable comfort of a stretchy wrap with the useability of being able to pre-tie your wrap.  The Je Porte Mon Bebe wrap allows you to do all of this. They are the gold standard of stretchy wraps, the creme de la creme ♥

The fabric used in the wrap is dense, stretchy and breathable - most certainly not average t-shirt fabric. Incredibly supportive, the wrap moulds to babies' body like a second skin. The JPMBB wrap can be pre-tied prior to putting baby in ♥



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