Isara Winter Babywearing Cover and Hood Burgundy

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Waterproof & windproof. Suitable for front, hip & back carrying with any type of sling. Hood included.

The Isara Babywearing Cover is designed to protect your baby from snow, wind and rain.

Made with a stylish look and sleek design, the Isara Babywearing Cover is waterproof, windproof and toasty warm.


Functions & Features


• Grows together with your child and functions from birth up to 4-5 years.

• Can be used over any style of carrier: wrap, sling, mei tai, etc.

• Use on your front, back and hip.

• Unisex. One size fits all.

• Multifunctional - works as a soft blanket when you change diapers or when the baby sleeps, as a cover, when the child is transported in a wheelchair, car etc. 


The fine details that make all the difference:


• Latest generation multilayered outer fabric. The three layers combine to provide a waterproof, windresistant, and warming fabric.

• Furry interior offers extra warmth, which not only offers a soft and fluffy feeling, but also gives the cover a stylish appearance.

• The top of the cover (at baby’s neck) is high enough to ensure good protection and warmth, even without the hood.

• Adjustment with elastic at the top, by the child's neck. By adjusting the elastic you have the best protection from the outdoor elements, but is also offers support for a sleeping child’'s head.

• By tightening elastic at the bottom of the cover, you can adjust its length depending on the child's height.

• Pockets lined with the same generous and cozy fabric keeps your hands protected, warm and allows you to cradle your child while babywearing.


Isara Babywearing Winter Cover


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