Isara Toddler Carrier Wrap Conversion Turquoise

♥ Made from 100% Organic Cotton woven wrap fabric by Colimacon - GOTS Certified. ♥ Carry your toddler on your front, hip & back. ♥ Shoulder straps can be rucksack or crossed on the back “X’. ♥ Can be used from 10 months to 4 years.
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Choosing the best buckle carrier for your family's needs can be difficult.  There are so many to choose from - and why does this carrier stand out?!

That’s where we come in.  We KNOW this carrier, and this company, and we can tell you everything you want to know.  We understand how important it is to you to find the right carrier for your little one and you.

So let us guide you through the details of the rather awesome and extraordinarily well-made Isara Toddler Carrier.

The key to this carrier is 'adjustability'.

It has the same structure as most buckle carriers - a structured waistband, padded shoulder straps and a main panel - where baby is ‘seated'.

There’s is so much to this carrier too.

This version is made using Colimacon organic cotton wrap fabric.  Super-duper soft. 

The feature we love the most is the totally adjustable main panel.  The width can be narrowed for younger toddlers, from 35cm-45cm.  It can be shortened for in length too.  It doesn’t make it any more difficult to use, but it does give a customised fit for your little one.  Just right, every time.

And the shoulder straps - oh yay, we love those too.  You can either use them rucksack-style, or you can choose to cross them on your back - creating an ‘X’ shape.  

If you’re using the shoulder straps rucksack-style, then the chest/back strap can be raised or lowered up and down the webbing, so that it’s comfy for you.  If you’re using the shoulder straps crossed, then you can remove the chest strap completely.

Leg padding……oh yes indeed, just enough for softness, and there’s arm padding too - it’s the little details that can make a big difference to your carrying comfort together.

♥ Made from 100% Organic Cotton Colimacon woven wrap fabric - GOTS Certified.

♥ Carry your baby on your front, hip & back.

♥ Shoulder straps can be rucksack or crossed on the back “X’.

♥ Usually suitable for babies from 10 months (8/9kg) to 4 years and up to 20kg.

♥ The width & height of main panel can be adjusted to fit your baby (width-wise & height-wise).

♥ Super-soft leg & arm padding for baby.

♥ Super adjustable buckles, padded waistband & padded shoulder straps for you.

♥ Includes a removable sleephood.

♥ Machine washable.

♥ Duraflex buckles.

♥ Comes with full instructions.

♥ Made in the EU.

Each carrier is made in the EU and was designed by a mummy who also just happens to be a carrying consultant ♥

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