Hoppediz Nabaca Comfort Grey

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The complete Nabaca set. The Hoppediz Nabaca is the first comfortable carrier which is absolutely adjustable to meet your babywearing needs. Suitable from newborn - toddler (2.5 - 20 kgs).

Nabaca is an acronym for 'natural baby carrier'. The shoulder straps, waist belt and carrying panel are all adjustable to your size, from XS to XXL.

Hoppediz Nabaca Comfort Grey - The Details


 Suitable from newborn - toddler (2.5 - 20 kg).

 Made of woven wrap fabric in cross-weave twill.

 Has two carrying panels, size S and M.

The wide and padded shoulder straps and the waist belt are adjustable to different sizes for ultimate comfort.

Wash - gentle cycle, 40C, do not tumble dry.

Carrier panel small (S): size 50-68 Carrier panel medium (M): size 68-86.

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