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Half Buckle Carrier Buying Guide

Half Buckle Carrier Buying Guide

Half Buckle carriers are great option for babies and toddlers alike, but which should you buy for your little one? Make choosing your half buckle carrier easier with this handy buying guide.


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Half Buckle Carriers Explained | What Is A Half Buckle Carrier?


Halfway between a full buckle carrier and a meh dai carrier, a half buckle carrier offers the ease of a clip buckle at the waist, with the adjustability of long shoulder straps for a truly snug fit, without the reaching for back or side clips. Front, hip and back carrying, most are suitable from newborn. They are a wonderful option if you'd like a little more structure for ease of use, but want something mouldable, soft and wrap-like. There are lots of variations between the brands. Some have wrap-strap shoulders, some have padded shoulder straps and waist straps.


What Are The Different Types Of Half Buckle Carrier?


There are lots of variations between the brands. Some have wrap-strap shoulders, some have padded shoulder straps and waist straps.


Half Buckle Carriers With Wrap-Strap Shoulder Straps


Didymos Didyklick


Didymos Didyklick

The semi-structured half buckle carrier from Didymos. A half buckle carrier with all the comfort & support of a woven wrap & simplicity and practicality of a buckle carrier, perfect for your newborn & toddler too. For newborns the woven wrap fabric provides a snug cocoon which is easily adjusted to their size and shape. The best part of a half buckle is how adjustable it is - the waist has a simple, quick buckle fastening. Wide and spreadable, the shoulder straps can be tied in a variety of ways to mould around your shoulders allowing a high degree of adjustability and support for all shapes and sizes. With the Didyklick you can carry your baby on your front, hip and back right through to toddlerhood and beyond to at least 24 months. Available in lots of designs and colours, all in GOTS certified organic cotton.


Girasol WrapMysol


Girasol WrapMysol

The MySol Half Buckle fastens with a buckle waist and wide shoulder straps that tie. It’s made from two layers of woven wrap fabric, which nestles like a second skin around your baby, providing optimal support. The Mysol is suitable for your newborn and as they grow and grow; the body of the carrier is easily adjustable - it narrows in the width for younger babies. This is very important to promote a soft, supported position, respectful of a young baby’s physiology. Oh, and it's completely reversible, so it's like having 2 carriers in 1.


Half Buckle Carriers With Padded Shoulder Straps


Girasol Mysol


Girasol Mysol

The Mysol is a lightly padded half buckle option. On it's own, it's a meh dai-style carrier, and with the addition of the buckle belt, it becomes a half buckle. The Mysol waist-belt is removable and can be threaded through the upper section of the body, for younger babies, and in the lower for older babies (around 9 months+). Remove the meh dai belt completely and replace it with the buckle belt to create a half buckle carrier.


Tula Half Buckle Carrier


Tula Half Buckle Carrier

The Tula Half Buckle can be used from newborn to baby and toddler. The base is adjustable across the width, and the height of the body panel is adjustable too. With bigger toddlers, the width may not meet behind the knee-pit. Not to worry though - the Half Buckle wide straps can be used to extend the seat, creating a wider area, supporting longer legs. The shoulder straps are padded over the shoulder to mid back, then flair to wide straps.


Hoppediz Bondolino


Hoppediz Bondolino

The Bondolino is completely adjustable for your little one. It fastens at the lightly padded waist with velcro - and it is super-secure! The shoulder straps are lightly padded but wide. This really spreads baby’s weight. It’s a fantastic, slightly more structured option.


Storchenwiege Half Buckle Carrier


Storchenwiege Half Buckle Carrier

TSuitable from newborns to toddlers, the Storchenwiege BabyCarrier allows you to comfortably carry your child from birth (roughly 3.5 kg) to max. 15 kg on your front and on your back. Made from 100% cotton using Storchenwiege® wrap fabric with a diagonally elastic weave. As there is no padding in the back section, the fabric provides optimum comfort and support for you and baby. The leg area can be widened so that baby, always adopts the anatomically correct, splayed "frog" position which is so important for the development of young hips.


What Is The Best Half Buckle Carrier?


Which half buckle is best for you? Which should you choose? Ultimately, the best one is one that both your little one and you find comfortable. There are a few things to take into account. You can help to narrow your choice down by considering:

  • a half buckle that suits your budget;
  • a half buckle that suits your lifestyle;
  • a half buckle that is suitable for the age of your baby; and
  • who will be using the carrier.

A really good half buckle will allow you to carry your little one in such a way as to be respectful of their physiology. Their back should be soft, yet supported - not stiff or rigid. Their legs should be supported all the way along the thigh, to the knee pit, with heir bottom lower than their knees - traditionally, this is called the ‘spread squat position’ or ‘M’ position, but is often defined now as the ‘hip healthy position’. Baby's head should be free, clear and unobstructed. Half Buckles are versatile and relatively easy to learn. The basic design is a main panel with two pairs of straps. One pair ties buckles around the waist and the other pair, sits on the shoulders and crosses on the wearers back then around baby, distributing the weight evenly across the shoulders, back and hips.

Baby can be carried on your front or back, and sometimes on the hip too. All can be used from newborn. Many models can be used right up to toddler-hood and beyond.


Are Half Buckle Carriers Easy To Use?


Of all the different types of baby carriers, half buckles are amongst the most versatile:

  • they are relatively easy to use and learn;
  • they tend to be gender neutral;
  • they are highly adjustable; and
  • they can easily be used by wearers of different builds and sizes.

The fact that half buckles are adjustable means that different care givers can use the same carrier - perhaps a petite mum, and a large-build dad, meaning that babywearing can be easily shared and enjoyed by both parents.

Perfect for toddler-carrying too - when carrying a toddler, don't over-tighten the waist-belt. A little extra 'give' will allow you to adjust the panel all the way up their back, giving better coverage. Give the knees a little lift too to help deepen their seat and release the fabric.


Are Half Buckle Carriers Ergonomic?


Half Buckles are a hip-healthy baby carrier. Such carriers promote positioning which is respectful to baby, particularly to their physiology. But what does this mean?

A really good half buckle carrier will allow you to carry your little one in such a way as to be respectful of their physiology. The soft, cotton panel and supportive straps allow baby's back to be soft and supported, not stiff or rigid. Their legs are be supported all the way along the thigh to the knee pit, with their bottom lower than their knees. Traditionally, this is called the ‘spread squat position’ or ‘M’ position, but is often defined now as the ‘hip healthy position’.


Are Half Buckle Carriers Safe?


Carrying your baby in a sling is a beautiful way to bond and make a profoundly deep connection. There's nothing quite like having baby snuggled up next to you, and many babies find it calming and relaxing, and will fall asleep very quickly. It also enables you to get on with the everyday - whether it's negotiating with other children, or being able to have something to eat or drink, having your baby in a sling or carrier can make that all so much easier.

Carrying your baby or toddler in a sling is perfectly safe when practiced with common sense and understanding. As with all things in life a cupful of knowledge and a sprinkling of common sense is the best recipe to ensure happy, safe carrying for you and your little one. Always use a quality sling or carrier and ensure you carefully read the instructions on its use. As a highly trained and experienced Carrying Consultants, we can help answer any questions regarding sling safety that you have, and we're always happy to help you on your carrying journey.

Your buckle carrier should always be used according to the instructions, and the ABC and TICKS safety guides below. Always make sure your carrier is tied nice and snug to you; this should ensure baby is seated high (close enough to kiss) with their back soft, but very much supported. Once baby is in the carrier, look at their profile - it should be capital ‘J’ shaped (see photo below), and NOT ‘C’ shaped. Baby’s face should be visible and clear of the carrier.


Meh Dai Safety Guide


How To Care For A Half Buckle Carrier


Guidelines vary between manufacturer, so here are our general washing guidelines:


  • Spot clean when necessary and wash as seldom as possible - remember you'll be without it whilst it's drying.
  • Use a non-bio, preferably eco liquid detergent; wash at 30C.
  • Don't use softener, as it will make the fabric of the carrier slippy and may make it more difficult to use.
  • Air dry.