Grimm's Threading Game Small Bobbins

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The Small Bobbins Threading Game is exceptionally versatile in its play options.

First, children can stack and then they can practice threading. If they know the colours, they can sort and stack the bobbins on the coloured dowels.

But of course it's not just a threading game - the bobbins are also ideal for sorting and building with other toys to create other landscapes, buildings, castles, avenues, towers.

Made from maple wood and limewood, with non-toxic water based colour stain or non-toxic plant based oil finish.

Height: 4.5 cm

Length: 22.5 cm.

Age: 1+

About Grimm's

Grimm’s toys are always one a kind, carrying unique marks made by nature. Wood grain has changing structures and colours which serve as proof of its natural origins. The unique variations are proof of quality, not defects. Discover the markings that make your Grimm’s toy simply unique!

Wood is expressive, refined through the signs of time: it is so robust that it accompanies us a long time.

Wood is aesthetically beautiful: it tells the story of nature and life.

When its journey through the generations comes to an end, it is able to be recycled back into nature.

Wood feels good in your hands with its warmth and distinct surface.

The wood used in Grimm's toys is only sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe.

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